In the middle of the fight, a hunter was bitten by a wild boar

This is something that is very rare … A hunter participating in a fight was attacked by a boar. He was bitten in the leg, in the mountains of the Vosges in the Bas-Rhin, the 45-year-old hunter wounded in his left leg, was evacuated by ambulance to the hospital.

This is reminiscent of a movie in the heart of the ocean where a whaler leaves New England and heads for the Pacific. While hunting the whale, he is attacked by a sperm whale that causes the sinking of the boat.

Or the chorus of Chantal Goya. “This morning, a rabbit, killed a hunter …”, that she sang in 1977. Nearly forty years later, it is a table of hunting for the least unusual that took shape on the neighborhood of the commune of Mollkirch, south-west of Strasbourg.

A hunter bitten by a wild boar

The facts occurred at Mollkirch, in the Bruche valley. – Screenshot / Google Maps.

In the Bruche Valley, not far from Mont Saint-Odile at the entrance of the Vosges mountains, a 45-year-old hunter was actually bitten by a wild boar during a fight on Saturday.

Touched on the left leg, he required the intervention of six firemen then he was transported to the CHU Hautepierre, Strasbourg.

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