In India, guards are allowed to kill poachers to protect unicorn rhinos

The Kaziranga Indian National Park is the largest single-horned rhinoceros that exists in the world. A peculiarity that interests many poachers who have made it a real hunting ground. And to protect them from poaching, the guardians of the park have carte blanche …

Indeed, despite its UNESCO World Heritage status, many rhinos are targeted by traffickers and other criminals who hunt them for their horn. So to fight against poaching, the park authorities have taken exceptional measures.

This reserve is a popular destination for tourists, and especially one of the last areas of northern India to have been spared by men. However, despite its UNESCO World Heritage status since 1985, the reserve remains a favorite hunting ground for many poachers.

Kaziranga is the place on the planet where nearly two-thirds of what’s left of the single-horned rhinoceros population is concentrated.

In this country, the rhinoceros horn trade brings a lot of money and poachers are sometimes ready to buy anything, in fact the horn can sell up to $ 6,000 per 100 grams. So to protect the life of these animals whose extinction has more or less been programmed, the government of the region of Assam where the park is located has put in place this special legislation concerning forest rangers.

From now on, the forest rangers of the reserve will be armed, but in addition they will benefit from a total immunity if they came to kill a poacher by protecting a single-horned rhinoceros!

According to information provided by the reserve, there are 50 poachers who have been killed in the last 3 years, in 2015, 23 poachers were killed while 17 rhinoceros were poached. This is an important decision to be made as quickly as possible, especially as the Kaziranga Nature Reserve is home to nearly 2,400 single-horned rhinos, two-thirds of the world’s population.

This radical step can be effective and fairly clear for anyone who tries to do wrong on the reserve. In the face of this, poachers use innocent villagers to minimize their risk, according to the park director, interviewed by the BBC: “The gangs are recruiting natives to help them get into the park but those who really kill rhinos come from neighboring states “.

However, this measure could lead to potential blunders even if the forest guards are instructed to summon before firing, then try to stop them for information on the gangs that pull the strings.

For example, a 7-year-old child was shot by forest rangers in the right leg leaving irreversible damage to his condition. The park had recognized his mistake and had compensated his family up to 3000 dollars (more than 2800 euros).

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