In Denmark, empathy classes have been compulsory in schools since 1993

Denmark is the only country in the world where schools teach empathy, and it is obligatory. Empathy is the ability to feel the emotions of another person and it is essential in Denmark. Empathy would help children thrive in their future lives.

According to Michele Borba, a psychologist specializing in education, lack of empathy is provoked by narcissism, which continues to grow. This could explain why almost a third of students are depressed.

To flourish and be good in his head the child needs to learn empathy, and the schools have understood it.

An hour of empathy a week, a secret ingredient?

Denmark seems to take the phenomenon very seriously, as the happiest country in the world devotes one hour a week in its national curriculum to develop the empathy of its students. (source)

Since a 1993 law, children aged 6 to 16 have one hour of empathy lessons per week.

Obviously there is no method and there is no need to give back. During these classes, students communicate, listen and exchange with each other.

These important moments help children to flourish in their future lives and this is essential nowadays because empathy is becoming more and more rare nowadays.

In addition to being good for those around you, this teaching of empathy increases the child’s chances of becoming a happy and fulfilling adult.

Empathy as important as mathematics or English

While talking and listening to their classmates, children even have the right to eat cake, provided they cooked it together. “It’s as important as mathematics or English,” says Jessica Alexander at LaPresse.

This practice has been codified in the 1993 Danish Education Act, which among other things aims to teach children about boundaries, empathy and sexuality. (source)

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