In 2016, 123 women were killed by their spouse, ex or lover

Mainly during the disputes. The “refusal of separation, current or past” remains the main reason for the passage to the act. In 2016, 123 women were killed by their spouses, ex-mates or lovers, ie a woman victim every three days, while 34 deaths of men in the same circumstances were recorded.

The Ministry of the Interior has unveiled, the study of the Victims’ Delegation which, every year, makes the sad assessment of domestic violence in France.

Compared to 2015, where 144 victims were recorded (122 women and 22 men), the violent deaths within the couple were up 9% in 2016. And women remain the main victims.

37% of homicide offenders were known to police

Beyond these numbers, there are mostly painful stories. Like a man on the brink of bankruptcy and divorce, who kills his wife and two children before ending his life.

Or this other story about a man who strangles his wife after discovering a man’s message on his cell phone.

Of the 109 women killed by their “official” partner, at least 30 were victims of previous violence, and nearly 37% of homicide perpetrators were already known to the police or gendarmerie, the study said.

A man dies on average every eleven days of violence within his couple.

In 2016, 28 were killed by their partner or ex-companion, a man by his companion, and five by a lover, a mistress or an episodic relationship.

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