If you want to stay healthy, throw these 5 things

We all have certain habits that are now part of our daily lives, but these habits can actually be a serious health hazard. Here are the things you need to get rid of if you want to stay healthy:

Plastic containers

Many people put their food in plastic containers without knowing that this material can be dangerous to health. Indeed, the plastic containers contain a chemical called bisphenol A which is, according to several studies, toxic and disruptive for the endocrine system. In addition, researchers at the National Institute of Industrial Environment and Risks (Ineris) discovered that there is a link between this chemical compound and disorders such as breast cancer, prostate cancer, diabetes and cancer. ‘obesity.

To find out if your packaging or plastic boxes contain bisphenol A, a pictogram with the acronym PC, in which are written numbers 1 to 6, will indicate whether the plastic contains polycarbonate, which is derived from bisphenol A. In France, a law suspended the use of bisphenol A in food containers as early as 2015. Do not hesitate to dispose of containers that contain polycarbonate.

Antibacterial soaps

Antibacterial soaps are also dangerous for your health. These products contain triclosan, an antibacterial ingredient that could disrupt muscle function, according to several studies. It is also present in shaving foams, after shave balms and deodorants. The Issac Pesach researcher from the University of California submitted mice at the same doses used by man daily.

The scientist observed that the animal’s muscles contracted with difficulty and that the cardiac function was disrupted. To stay healthy, it is therefore advisable to get rid of antibacterial soaps because their excessive use can seriously damage the body.


The toothbrush is used twice a day on average, and wears out quickly. Several factors such as splashing when washing hands or flushing can infect your bacteria toothbrush. Worse, these bacteria are then found in your mouth, where they can multiply and disrupt the immune system. It is therefore advisable to throw your toothbrush every three months and keep it in a dry place and away from the toilet.

Clothes that you no longer wear

What good is keeping clothes that you no longer wear? If your closet is cluttered, get rid of any clothes you no longer need. Keeping them can be stressful as you will be wasting time looking for the right clothes while disordering your closet. Give these clothes to the people who need them and preserve your health!

The worn sneakers

Sneakers are also some of the things you need to get rid of in order to stay healthy. According to physiologist Jason Karp, the sneakers must be replaced after traveling a distance of 500 or 600 km. For example, if you make at least 6 km a day, you must buy new sneakers within three months.

The physiologist advises this because when the sneakers are used for a long time, the sole wears out and becomes more and more thin. Unfortunately, this can cause pain in the bones and muscles. For people who prefer to walk rather than run, it is advisable to change the sneakers every six months.

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