If you think you’re not going anywhere in life, take a deep breath and read this

In today’s hectic world, we are all in a hurry. In a hurry to get where we are going, in a hurry to get good results, in a hurry to do things. We are depressed when things do not go as we would like, when we do not get immediate results. It’s a race and we are afraid of being left behind.

The age of fulfillment has decreased. Fifteen-year-olds develop codes and sell websites. When you’re 25, you have a business that belongs to you. Or you are an accomplished musician who has traveled the world. People are doing too much in too little time. Only some people.

And that’s what scares us so much. If at age 25 you do painfully three-eight, you have the impression of having no value. All your friends get married and post pictures of their honeymoon, which you will not even be able to offer in the next 2 years.

Time is counted; the world is in front of you and you … you have trouble getting up out of bed.

Relax. Take a deep breath. Do not compare yourself to others. The world is filled with different people – those who succeed early in life and those who succeed later. There are those who marry at 25 but divorced at 30, and there are also those who find love at 40, and who never separate. Henry Ford was 45 when he designed his Ford Model T car.

Everyone is unique, do not compare yourself to others.

Someone graduated at the age of 22, but waited 5 years before finding a good job; and there’s another one who graduated at 27 and found a job right after!

Someone became CEO at age 25 and died at 50, while another became CEO at age 50 and lived up to 90 years.

If you think you’re not going anywhere in life, take a deep breath and read this

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Everyone works according to their “time zone”. Things only work according to our pace.

Work in your “time zone”. Your colleagues, friends, younger can “seem” to overtake you. Maybe some can “seem” behind you. Everyone is doing his own race on his own path at his own pace. God has a different plan for everyone. The moment is different for everyone.

To be successful early is not synonymous with happy life.

You can open a business at age 25, you can also go bankrupt at age 30 if it flows. You can be successful at age 40, and maybe you will be better prepared to handle then. Whatever happens, everything happens for a reason.

Maybe the work you lost was not good for you. Maybe you are supposed to hone your skills for something big later. There is no good time. We get things when we are ready. When that does not happen for you, it means it’s not supposed to happen right now.

Spend your time perfecting your personality, learning new skills, learning a new language, creating the person you want to be in the future. Create the personality that fits your success. Work towards your goal at your own pace. Everyone has their own agenda. And if you’re supposed to do something worthwhile in a few years, when you’re older and wiser, but you’re too busy feeling bad and drowning your woes in alcohol. Imagine the regrets.

Opportunities keep coming. If today is not your day, it may be tomorrow. Do not stop living just because it does not happen.

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