If you notice that a woman is wearing this little black circle, here is what it means

Violence against women is still a serious threat in our society. I have two daughters who are young adults, and I always worry about their safety, especially when they are on the street at night. University campuses pose a high risk to women, they may experience violent attacks and / or sexual assault.

An astonishing statistic for “forced sex offenses” in major universities has been reported by the Boston Globe; between 2012 and 2013 sexual assault increased by 40%. That’s it for the bad news, but the video you’re about to watch below, brings good news.

Yasmin Mustafa and Anthony Gold founded a company, ROAR, whose main goal was to stop violence against women by arming them … not with a gun. Women who wore MACE, wore a whistle around their neck, etc., with little impact to defend themselves from the attackers. ROAR has designed a very trendy emergency alert device, which they called Athena, a nod to the Greek goddess of justice and force.

Their goal was to empower women so they could have the freedom to move around the world without fear. Wearing this device as a collar, instills confidence that they are never alone. Athena wears herself like a pendant around her neck; an alarm goes off when you press it three seconds. At the same time, relatives and friends receive messages to warn them of the woman’s location, and 1 call is sent to 911!

Hat to ROAR! This device, as you will see in the next film, will create a society where women will no longer have to walk in fear. As you will see, Athena is the size of a small circle and has a very nice design. I bought one for each of my daughters. Let us know what you think of this invention.

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