If you have the letter M on the palm of your hand, then you have something really special!

  • it is also said that the dominant hand (the one with which you write, or the one you use most) indicates the present and the past, while the other hand reveals the future.
  • There are different schools on the subject. For some, the left hand reveals your potential, which could be (not necessarily what will be). If there is a difference between your two hands, it could mean that you are an actor in your life and that you are ready to make changes to what is written.

Everyone thinks they have the letter M because of the formation of the life line, head and heart. ..in reality we are talking here about the magic M which is very rare … .those who have the Magic M would become wealthy in life and would feel many things!

In some rare cases, there is the formation of the letter “M” in the palm because of the combination of the head line, the heart line and the life line.

The magic M

You can confuse it with:

When the mount of Venus is good, the line of destiny is clear and the line of head is long and has a form of hook which goes up at the end (fig6), so you are supposed to progress socially by your own efforts and intelligence.

When a line goes from the life line to Saturn’s mount (fig7), it is supposed to represent a sudden gain in wealth or property. Or there will be a sudden progression in the work.

When there is a line that passes through the interior of the Mount of Venus and reaches Saturn’s Mount, (fig8) it is supposed to represent the wealth of his spouse. In some cases, it is supposed to represent the inheritance of the parents.

When there is a line that passes from the mount of the Moon and reaches the mount of Saturn (fig9), the person is supposed to evolve in life with the help of others. It also represents the wealth of women, be it mother or wife.

When there is a rising line from the middle of the palm to Saturn’s Mount (Fig. 10), the person will have to face many financial problems until they reach a mature age. Their parents will have difficult moments during their childhood. But this person will obtain a social status and progress socially by his own efforts from a mature age.

When the line of fate is curved and goes to Jupiter’s Mount (fig 11), it is estimated that there will be growth observed in the areas of politics, business and occupation. It is considered an indispensable line for all political leaders

When the line of fate curves and goes to the mount of Mercury (fig12), the person is supposed to get a huge success in business. It also represents success in journalism and mass communication.

When the line of destiny is divided into three branches at the end and they go towards the mount of Saturn, the Sun and Jupiter (fig 13), it is considered as a sure sign of social success or celebrity.

When there is more than one line of destiny, it is supposed to indicate income from more than one source (fig 14). in general, two lines of fate are supposed to be observed in the hands of dual-earner couples.

These people are said to be particularly talented, have great intuition and are excellent partners for all businesses.

Reading in the lines of the hand is something that has been done for millennia, although it is not an infused science, it is always interesting for people who believe in knowing what the lines in our hands mean.

Reading the lines of the hand is called palmistry and has been practiced in India and China for over 5000 years!

Millions of people around the world believe in the destiny traced in the palms, according to the writings, a person who has the letter M traced in the palm of the hand is a person who has a great intuition as well as a sense of entrepreneurship . These people are usually easy to make money because they invest time and energy to succeed in their projects.

It is pointless to lie to a person who has the letter M traced in the palm of the hand because this person will discover that you lie to him, these people are very special because as indicated above, they have a great sense of intuition. These people prioritize honesty in any type of relationship.

In addition, women with the letter M traced in their hand tend to be more intuitive than men who also have this letter.

So, if you are a person with the letter M in your palm, you must know that you are a special person and that you can achieve anything you want.

Moreover, if your spouse has the letter M, it is useless to lie to him, he / she will discover it very quickly …

The symbol “M” is also supposed to represent the money after the marriage. It is considered a sure sign of high income and growth after marriage. These people are expected to have a high income from the 35th year until the 55th year gone by and become very rich. They are supposed to be blessed with luck after the wedding.


Spread your thumb with your right hand from your other fingers. If your thumb goes down easily and there’s a lot of space between your fingers, then you’re supposed to spend the money quickly or the money runs out quickly. (Fig.1)

On the other hand, if your thumb is rigid and does not bend easily and there is no space between your fingers, you are supposed to be a money calculator. You are the type of person who thinks twice before touching his money. (Fig2)

Then, there are supposed to be mountains and lines in the palm that make people happy in their financial situation. They are supposed to raise a person to wealth, even if born poor.

The mountains of the Sun, Venus and Jupiter should preferably be good in your palm. These areas under the fingers should be wide and tall. The Sun represents success in all areas. Venus is supposed to give a luxurious life and Jupiter leadership qualities. (Fig3)

The next important thing is the line of fate. It is a line that usually begins at the base of the palm and goes up Saturn’s Mount. (Fig3ff). It must be straight, clear and of a thick brown color without any interruption. This is supposed to give you a continuous influx of money.

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