If you have dimples in the lower back, here are their meanings

Whether or not you have dimples in the lower back, you have to admit it’s an interesting feature. These dimples are called Venus salt shakers in women, referring to the goddess of love and salt shakers of Apollo in men, in reference to the God of beauty.

These salt shadows of Venus, officially called sacro-iliac fossils, are genetic and are due to the tension of a ligament that extends from the skin to the posterior superior iliac spine.

It turns out that these two little dimples can reveal some things about you and your health.

In addition to being pleasing to the eye, there is research that argues that women with these dimples on the lower back can achieve the ultimate pleasure more easily during intimate activities.

There is not much scientific evidence to support this statement, but this is due to the unique shape and positioning of the pelvis and spine.

Dimples in the lower back

Positioning your muscles and bones in your body can help improve circulation, which leads more easily to the ultimate pleasure.

Although further research is needed to confirm these claims, there appears to be no possible risk or health problem associated with these sacroiliac fossils.

In addition, the dimples in the lower back come in all shapes and sizes. Their appearance varies greatly from one person to another depending on weight, body shape, and athleticism. These dimples are very rare in men.

However, if you have sacroiliac fossils, you can improve their appearance by doing some exercises focused on lower back commitment and abdominal muscles, which will be good for the overall health of your body, and perfect for doing bring out your dimples.

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