If you bite your nails, it’s a sign of this unique personality trait

If you know someone who is biting your nails, or if you are nailing your nails, then you will be interested to know why you adopt this specific behavior and what it means for your general state of health.

Some people believe that nail biting is harmless enough, but in fact there are health problems that go along with that.

According to WebMD , biting your nails can lead to a variety of consequences that can lead to deformed nails, weakened teeth over time, and unfortunately, this can lead to some nail infections.

These are just some of the reasons why psychotherapists try to help patients overcome this kind of behavior in their personality.

Now, you may be wondering that there is no way you can have one of these conditions if you continue to bite your nails.

Nevertheless, it’s probably a good thing to know why you started doing it, right? Rather than describing it as a sort of nervous habit, it actually indicates that you are an organizational perfectionist.

If you bite your nails, it’s a sign of this unique personality trait

Published in the Journal of Behavior Therapy and Experimental Psychiatry , which states:

“We believe that individuals with these repetitive behaviors can be perfectionists, which means they are unable to relax and perform tasks at a normal pace,” said study author Dr. Kieron O ‘Connor. “They are subject to frustration, impatience and discontent when they fail to achieve their goals. “

Essentially, it means that people do not bite their nails because they are nervous, but rather because they are extremely frustrated.

To achieve these results, the researchers had to study 48 individual participants in the study. It has been reported that half of them had this kind of repetitive behavior, such as biting their nails.

The study trained subjects to complete various surveys that were created to test their organizational behavior as well as the management of their emotions.

Researchers have concluded that nail-biting people are among the most organized perfectionists.

What does this mean exactly?

Well, this means that if you go to fester your nails, you become easily frustrated by your tendencies to over plan, overwork, or you are frustrated by the lack of activity in your life right now.

Of course, nail biting helps on the moment; however, you do not think that you are causing long-term damage to your nails by doing so.

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