I like doing things alone and people should stop worrying

Recently, I told a colleague that I was going to dinner alone. She looked at me like I told her I was going to make a sacrifice. She then told me she was there if I needed companionship. But I did not need it.

Another time, I told my friends that I wanted to travel alone during the weekend. Once again, there was a judgment, but worse than that, there was pity. “Do not travel alone. Nobody should do it. It’s sad, “said a friend.

These examples made me think about issues that had bothered me for some time.

I like doing things alone and people should stop worrying:

Why is time alone still stigmatized? Why do people who like to do things alone are considered lonely?

Spending time alone is considered socially unacceptable. This is understandable. Over the centuries, we have accepted that man is a social animal. We need people around us to have love and support.

It is only after interacting and conversing with homo sapiens that we build lifelong friendships and meet people who help us become the best version of ourselves.

But we often underestimate everything we can do for ourselves.

Spending time alone will give you the opportunity to gather your thoughts, analyze your own life and change the things that need to be changed.

Yet, it puzzles me to see how one perceives those who spend time alone.

Going out alone for a drink is a nightmare for me. Staff keep asking me if I’m expecting someone, and I can see people’s faces filled with pity for me. However, here is something I want to clarify; it’s not because I go out alone that I do not have friends.

Nowadays, with social media it becomes so hard not to be in touch with people.

We continue to watch screens of all shapes and sizes to see where people are going, what they eat, what they wear, and even how they decorate their rooms. Half of the reason for these downloads is social validation, and it gets exhausting after a while. I arrive at a point where I want to meet myself.

I find that spending time alone is the best thing for the soul. It is in these moments that I learn to appreciate my own company. It gives me the opportunity to think about some things, to tell me where I’m wrong in life and to congratulate myself for the small achievements.

Honestly, I highly recommend spending time alone.

Check out this movie that your friends do not want to watch, take the vacation you’ve planned, go to the art show your friends find boring and come for a cup of coffee alone when no one is free to do it with you.

Do it if you feel like it! Realize that you are self-sufficient. Do not be afraid of judgment, but above all, do not be afraid of yourself.

Go ahead and give your soul what it needs. Give yourself some of your time to yourself.

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