Humans exchange their place with animals in this frightening campaign on animal experimentation

What separates human beings from animals? In a sense, are humans not animals too? So what makes it acceptable for one species to subject another to tortuous experimentation for the benefit of others?

Ethical minded individuals and animal rights activists who seek to inspire change have been asking themselves these questions for years and many more.

And now, cosmetics company Lush has unveiled what is probably the most disturbing animal rights campaign to raise awareness about animal testing.

Society knows that the best way to inspire people to act is to engage them emotionally. In this case, it means inflicting many of the daily maltreatment of animals in laboratories around the world on a human being.

For this campaign, a young woman named Jacqueline Trade submitted to current animal practices in testing laboratories around the world. She wore a flesh-colored jumpsuit and was tied up and gagged when all sorts of experiments were performed on her.

Frightening campaign on animal experimentation:

Credit: Mark Large

She experienced the same treatments as laboratory animals to raise awareness.

Credit: Mark Large

The 24-year-old was force-fed until she lost her nausea and was unable to breathe.

Credit: Mark Large

Then, his eyes were sprinkled with the same irritating chemicals as in the animal experiments. If you think she’s pretending to be terrified, event participants categorically say her emotions were real.

Credit: Mark Large

Like laboratory animals, his head was shaved.

Credit: Mark Large

Part of the activist’s role was to endure the whole ordeal without complaining, just as lab animals are forced to do it every day (for years).

Credit: Mark Large

Everyone was able to observe the entire campaign. Passersby in London came to understand that it was a representation of an animal experiment.

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