Human: the incredible documentary that will change the way you look at yourself

Why do we continue to make war today? We fight like in the Middle Ages . How can we not open our hearts to refugees, people who have lost everything, who have left their families to seek a better world? “Wonders Yann Arthus-Bertrand, director of the movie Human

The idea of ​​the film is “that we are in the light and darkness (…) We live in a cynical and skeptical world where the good feeling is corny (…) It is also a film with beautiful landscapes. It’s a thought-provoking film that builds empathy, “he adds. He confides that there will be a before and after Human. “There are very few people known. I interviewed them, but not added to the film because they could not open their hearts .


This documentary is a diptych of stories and images of our world offering a deep immersion of the human being. Through testimonies filled with love, happiness, but also with hate and violence, HUMAN confronts us with the Other and sends us back to our own life. From the smallest story of everyday life to the most incredible life stories, these poignant encounters with a rare sincerity highlight what we are, our darkest part but also what we have most beautiful and more universal. The Earth, our Earth, is sublimated through unprecedented aerial images accompanied by music such as an opera, which testify to the beauty of the world and offer us moments of breathing and introspection.

HUMAN is a committed work that allows us to embrace the human condition and reflect on the very meaning of our existence.

In an interview he answers:

The film invites introspection. But what human are you?

I try every day to be a little less stupid! And I still have a long way to go. (Laughs.) Succeeding in your professional life, you can always make it happen. But to succeed in your life as a man is more complicated. This film brings us back to us. When I hear the silence at the end of a projection, I feel that something is happening around Human .

Human first

“My crazy bet is that this film helps everyone understand that it can change the world in its own way. We, the seven billion humans, have one thing in common: empathy. We are able to help each other much more than other species. And yet, we live in egoism, cynicism and skepticism. I dream of a world where humans would deploy their abilities of kindness, love and generosity. The other day, a spectator told me that when he came out of the movie, he asked himself this question, “How much have I done well in my life?” Great, I do not ask for more. What can save the world is neither science nor politics, but a spiritual revolution. So individual. “

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