Huge waves crashing on Saint-Malo filmed by a drone

It was not a good time to go for a walk by the sea that day. The company Easyride took advantage of the “waves-submersion” alert to fix a camera on a drone, to film from the sky the huge waves submerging the dike of Saint-Malo. Ille-et-Vilaine was alert orange waves and submersions Tuesday, February 28, causing a particularly rough sea!

With its houses close to the sea, Saint-Malo is favored by lovers of strong images. Hearing the Meteo-France orange “waves-submersion” vigilance bulletin launched the day before, the production company Easy Ride had the idea on Tuesday to fly a drone over the port of Ille-et- Ugly.

The little movie posted on Youtube is embellished with soft music but which also promotes the sound of these impressive waves coming from far and crashing on the dike of Saint-Malo.

The video posted on Facebook makes the buzz with already more than 1.2 million views; Admire the sea raging on the shore of the beautiful town of Ile and Vilaine in Brittany.

Huge waves crashing on Saint-Malo filmed by a video drone:

Protected windows and sandbags on the dike

Some buildings are seen receiving only a few drops of water, while others at the edge of the water are hit hard by the swell. Foreseen, the inhabitants had protected their most exposed windows with planks, while sandbags had been piled on the dike.

As a reminder, Meteo-France launched its “waves-submersion” orange alert for several departments such as Finistère, Loire-Atlantique, Vendée, Charente-Maritime, Gironde, Landes (as in Hendaye) and Pyrénées-Orientales. Atlantiques.

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