How your personality is created based on your birth order

Every parent notices differences between their children, be it in appearance, passions and habits, the foods they like and hate the most, personality differences. It should be known that children act and develop differently according to their order of birth. So, parents need to be aware of this in order to have a better understanding of their children.

In addition, researchers found unique characteristics in the presence of children born first, middle, last, or unique. When the age gap between children is large, they can take the role of the elder, rather than the middle or younger.

In addition, adopted children usually fulfill the role they are given in the family, which determines their personality. For example, have you ever wondered why your sister had a mind elsewhere, and walked in the wild instead of joining the neighborhood kids after school?

In addition, how many members of your family do you find too authoritarian?

If these situations are common in your life, do not worry, this happens in almost every family.

Therefore, the birth order plays a vital role. For example, seniors are perfectionists who are raised by parents who want everything to be good for their children. As a result, seniors have good communication with adults when they are children. Unfortunately, first-timers tend to worry and want to keep things under control.

In addition, they are very competitive and achieve excellent results in all areas of life, whether at the professional level, or school, they are dedicated workers who like to excel and achieve greatness.

They are perfectionists, performers, leaders, authoritarian, motivated, responsible, cautious, reliable, etc.

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