How to plant tomatoes and get feet up to 2.50 meters high

Our Roots Run Deep recommends planting 2/3 of the plant under the ground. Although it may seem paradoxical, tomatoes are a little different from most plants. When more of the plant is buried, more roots will grow to make your plant stronger.

2. An alternative to deep planting:

If you can not or do not want to dig deeply, plant the tomato on its side, sloping slightly down. Just make sure that the buried part is buried at least 12 to 15 cm deep.

3. Be sure to feed the tomatoes:

Give your tomatoes a lot of sun and a rich soil. This means regular fertilization and about 2 to 3 cm of water a week. (This should help you get bigger tomatoes, according to Rodale’s Organic Life.

4. Give them support:

Once the tomato root is large enough, add a stand to attach the foot. The tomatoes are heavy and can collapse the plant, so the plant needs extra support to stay upright.

5. Natural fertilizer:

It is recommended to grind egg shells and coffee beans and add them to the soil with the plant. This helps to keep the slugs away and make the soil richer in nutrients. You can also add a raw egg in the hole before burying your tomato foot.

6. Cut them:

Watch your tomato plant. Remove the fruits and leaves that are dying and make sure the top of your plant does not become too heavy.

Tomatoes are an excellent plant for growing in containers in the soil, and if you take good care of it, it will ensure a growing culture.

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