How to build bee hotels to ensure the survival of wild bees

There are 4000 species of native bees in North America, 1000 in France and they are much more effective to pollinate than the European bee that we know more. Native bees are losing habitat at a frantic pace and this is leading to a dramatic decline in population. You can help save these bees by creating a bee hotel in your garden. Bees will be happy to thank you by pollinating your garden!

More than 90% of all bee species are solitary. This means that each female will build her own nest near other females of the same species. The bee hotels are usually made from a sort of box or container that is filled with sticks, pinecones, bamboo shoots, or logs with holes. These houses offer choices for bees and provide shelter. Building a “bee hotel” requires little effort and material that you already have.

You can use these homes to decorate your garden with these simple ideas.

You can use license plates to make solid roofs for your bee houses. You can reuse a birdhouse for the base of the house and a folded license plate on top to create a roof. Remove the walls of a bird house and use the framing. Add either pieces of wood with holes drilled in, or bamboo stems to create living spaces for bees.

You can use cardboard, clay pots, and bricks to create hibernation areas for your bees. Use equipment you do not use and put it together in an area of ​​your garden. You can put sticks, pine cones and cardboard together in a clay pot and create space for the bees. Put it all together and create a beautiful, creative mishmash of recycled garden material.

You can use breeze blocks to create multiple floors for bee hotels. Put bamboo stems or drilled sticks in the breeze block spaces and create a nesting space for the bees. You can paint the blocks to add some color to your garden. The blocks are very useful because they protect the bees from bad weather.

Fill a jar with bamboo bowls or small cardboard tubes, this creates a wonderful living space for bees. You can find a place to put it in your garden or you can hang it at a branch or shed. You will then be able to watch the moving bees through the bamboo tips that will be filled with mud and other materials.

Fill a wine rack with bamboo or pieces of wood, and arrange them artistically. You can use different types of materials for the nesting place to add texture to your bees hotel.

Honey bees are not the only bees that need our protection and help. Install these original decorative houses in your garden and watch the bees thank you!

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