How to build a Hobbit house in your backyard

Ashley Yates, 30, is not a hobbit. The ‘Bedford’ is way too big to be a hobbit; it is a mode of design and construction of experts in England. There is a rumor that his feet could be just as hairy, but despite these drawbacks, he decided to build a “hobbit hole” in his garden, a project that took almost a year to complete. After the death of a tree in his yard, he decided that a hole was just what it took to take this place!

Many readers commented that the structure was going to suffer water damage. Yates explains the sealing procedure on his blog:

“We created a solid wood internal structure that was very well designed. The corrugated sheet was used to close everything and the panels were all welded up and down once in place, then many watertight barriers were added. The concrete that was waterproof base finished with more sealing and finally a leveling coating so there was a flawless finish inside. “

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