How raw food would have changed the color of this person’s eyes

As you can see, the eyes are not only the mirror of the soul, but also of your own health! A few days ago, I had the pleasure of meeting Steve Factor, “The Pure Energy Chef” of Burbank, CA.

Steve is a big contributor to the “raw vegan” movement and a wonderful soul! He was awarded the title of “Coach of the Year”. He is opening a juice bar in Burbank. He runs raw food workshops at Whole Foods and has a lot of videos on YouTube where you can hear about the benefits of living food and the incredible PURE ENERGY it provides.

During our interview, we talked about raw food and detox, which led us to talk about Dr. Robert Morse – one of my greatest heroes! Steve will be traveling to Florida soon to work with Dr. Robert Morse on a collaborative project.

Dr. Robert Morse is one of the greatest therapists of our time. Through his experience, his books and his videos on the internet, he tries to make the public aware of the most important aspect of the true health on our planet: the detoxination.

It has a cure rate of 85% and has treated more than 250,000 patients.

He thinks that the allopathic approach (medicine, surgery, radiation) to treat diseases can not work because they only remove the symptoms and never go to the cause of the problem. It is a strong supporter of traditional (natural) medicine that uses natural source or medicinal plant products to treat diseases and regenerate the body.

In general, diagnostic procedures used in natural medicine such as iridology (which I will discuss later in this article), kinesiology, pulse or heartbeat, tissue analysis, and others are absolutely not invasive or dangerous; coupled with a raw, vegetable diet (rich in alkalinity), they can help in the process of removing obstructions that prevent the body’s miraculous self-healing processes from manifesting itself. He thinks that there is nothing that can be described as “disease”, there are only acidic or alkaline states of the body.


The reason I’m talking about this is that I was very intrigued by one of the videos that was put online by Dr. Morse about iridology. Iridology connects different areas of the eye to about 50 body parts. The innermost circle of the eyes, for example, is supposed to reflect the health of the stomach. The upper quadrant is meant to represent the brain and other parts of the head. It is said that the yellowish color around the pupil is sometimes an indicator of toxicity of the body. If it’s true, then in theory the more you detoxify yourself, the less yellow you should have.

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Steve’s eyes

And here is Steve, sitting in front of me, taking out his iPhone to show me the progress of his detox through his iris! He did an iridology exam when he started eating about 95% vegan raw. Four years later, he did another exam, and the results are simply breathtaking! And that in just 4 years. I can not wait to try myself to see how my eyes can change color after several years of a clean and detoxifying diet.

And Steve is not the only person whose eyes have changed color. Kristina Carrillo-Bucaram aka Fully Raw Kristina made a video where she explains and shows how her eyes went from brown to blue-green after years of raw and vegetal food.

Eyes before a raw diet

Eyes after raw food

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To conclude :

So what does this tell us? Many things ! In addition to proving that raw food is not just a fad, I find it exciting to share this because there is a lot of skepticism about iridology and other holistic practices. I do not think it’s a “coincidence” that people’s eye color changes after a dramatic change in diet and lifestyle.

And it’s really a fantastic way to prove that living physiological nutrition and detoxification can completely transform someone deeply. More and more, we find that our bodies are incredible machines, and the smallest task on seemingly insignificant has its reason for being and is connected to something else, just like every living being on this organism we call Earth.

Thank your body and your health!

After posting this article, someone asked me, “So an obese person with blue eyes is in good health? “- Although funny, it’s a great question. My answer was, unfortunately for the overweight blue-eyed person, no, that does not mean she’s in good health. It’s not just a question of color, there is also the shape of the fibers. You can see on Dr. Morse’s chart of iridology, some specific forms of fiber in Steve’s eye photo indicate something corresponding to a specific part of the body. The yellow color indicates sulfuric acid in the body, and the preponderance of this yellow on the photo can help determine the level of acidity of organs and glands. For many people, this yellow color can cover the entire eye, making the eye look brown or hazel, while it looks green or blue below. It’s easier to understand by watching Dr Morse’s videos where he analyzes different iris photos of his patients.

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