How a simple breathing technique can induce better health

We do it all, all day, every day. Even when we sleep. In fact, we never stop doing it otherwise we would die. But have we already thought about it? Do we realize the impact this has on our body, mind and overall health?

It’s about breathing. That’s right, breathing! Believe it or not, there are different ways to breathe, which have different effects on the body and our health. But we are only going to be interested in two of them. The breathing through the nose that induces relaxation, calm, and improves health, and the other breathing through the mouth, used by most of us, because of the life we ‚Äč‚Äčlead, which contributes to many health problems such as high blood pressure and an increase in resting heart rate.

I would like to share with you an excerpt from my latest book “Sports pattern release”. In this excerpt, I will explain how breathing can affect the human body. So I will offer you a simple breathing technique to promote better health.

“Breathing is something that is overlooked too often, but it is of utmost importance in good biomechanical function. The human body will sacrifice everything to provide respiratory function and this includes posture. We are pre-programmed to breathe through the nose and breathing through the mouth is triggered by stress. Interestingly, when the posture is bad, it is easier to breathe through the mouth and harder to breathe through the nose. The opposite is also true, which illustrates the close relationship between breathing and posture. How a simple breathing technique can induce better health

In addition, those who breathe through the mouth often breathe much less, using only the upper chest, while those who breathe through the nose tend to use the diaphragm by fully soliciting the lungs, oxygenating the blood and brain . If the diaphragm is blocked by poor posture, stress or bad habits, the inhibitory accessory muscles will be overworked, becoming hyperactive, triggering points and chronic tension.

“There are a lot of different yoga breathing exercises. Pranayama breathing, which is the practice of controlling voluntary breathing, has positive effects on immune function, hypertension, asthma, autonomic imbalances of the nervous system and psychological or stress-related disorders, when is practiced slowly. Slow and deep voluntary breathing would functionally reset the autonomic nervous system. Investigations have shown that slow pranayama breathing techniques activate the parasympathetic nervous system. This type of breathing associated with deep stretching will have a combined effect on stimulating parasympathetic activity while at the same time reducing sympathetic activity. This will decrease heart rate, blood pressure and induce relaxation.

So by simply working on our breathing technique, we can induce better health both physiologically and mentally.

Try this exercise for a few minutes each day

Lie down or sit with the spine lengthened, to open the airways. Close your eyes and mouth and place your hands on your belly and breathe slowly and deeply through your nose as your belly lifts when you do. Now move your hands to the base of your ribs and continue to breathe in the middle section of your lungs and feel your rib cage widen laterally.

Finally, place your hands on your chest, breathe deeply, let the air pass between the upper part of your lungs, and feel your chest rise. Hold this breath for a while, before exhaling very slowly from the top and ending at the base of your lungs. Do this for at least five minutes. Try to focus on that and think of nothing else; focus your attention on your breathing. Take note of how you feel after this exercise.

The more you practice, the deeper your breathing becomes and the more benefits you will get. And the best in all this? It’s totally free !!

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