They push to drink and eat and therefore allow contributions to fill the deficits. There is however a variation on hunger and thirst which are very sensitive to psychological factors. Maintaining a stable body weight therefore does not necessarily apply to homeostasis in all cases. Because this notion can concern the mood as well as all the other evoked parameters (stability of the regulation of the arterial tension, the pulse, the respiratory rate, etc.).

The best medicine for our body is inside our body.

The difference between the living and the non-living is the ability to homeostasis. The good news for us humans is that our body is able to regulate itself. He is able, without external disruptive elements, to be in good physical and mental condition. And in the event that it does not go well, it sets up regulatory processes to return to its equilibrium state. The question that arises is therefore: if we are not healthy or happy, what are these disruptive elements that should be eliminated to return to a state of well being?

Any living system left to itself in the absence of disturbances, spontaneously returns to the state of equilibrium.

Act on the causes.

To get well (or better), we are not obliged to seek to find “solutions” and remedies for these “diseases”. Because these “diseases. are often the means that found the body to evacuate what is not good in us. These troubles that hinder us are the consequences of elements that disturb us and this one seeks to bring them out. These are somehow the indicators on the dashboard, which show us that something is wrong, and disturbs our smooth operation.

Instead of seeking to treat the consequences, it would be enough to identify the external causes that prevent us from being well. This can be various factors like:

‚óŹ The food, the quality of the air we breathe, the water we drink, the nervous exhaustion, the relationships we have with others, the social environment, work, physical weakness, …

Our responsibility is to put at our disposal what we need to be good and eradicate what disturbs us. To put in good conditions. Not to try to “heal” because our body is empowered to do it itself. Act on the cause, not on the consequence.

To ask oneself, to reflect and to try to reconnect with oneself, to listen to oneself. List the possible disruptive elements among all that surrounds us, instead of jumping on drugs that will only smother what our body is trying to tell us. We have this potential in hand, it will be a shame to miss out and continue to lock ourselves in a vicious circle that destroys us. It’s up to you to try to change or change your lifestyle and make up your own mind.