Homemade Recipe and Ecological Anti-Dust Spray.

Lemongrass is a good alternative to lemon essential oil, the oil I use most often in my natural recipes for homemade household products. You will see, the scent of lemongrass is simply divine!

White vinegar: thanks to white vinegar, you can also use this anti-dust spray as a multipurpose cleaner, in case of troubleshooting. Alternatively, you can also try this easy and inexpensive recipe of multi-purpose cleaner.

Olive oil: it is the essential oil of lemongrass and the olive oil which gives the mixture its beautiful yellow color. But do not worry because once vaporized, this liquid is completely transparent and does not leave stains on your surfaces.

In addition, olive oil is particularly beneficial to wooden surfaces. In fact, it helps protect the wood from moisture and retain its original color.

I know, I repeat myself: but do not forget to shake the spray bottle before each use 🙂

This is an important step, because it is the only way to mix the oils with the water of the anti-dust mixture!

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