Homebiogas: it will turn your waste into domestic gas!

Maybe throwing away your garbage will become a total heresy! The proof with this superb invention that, at home, finally transforms our waste into domestic gas! Close up on a nugget hyper practical, super greenand really economical!

The invention is called Homebiog as and it was presented for the first time on the occasion of the Cop 21 in Paris.

Source: Home Make organic waste energy: the idea is not new.

But the method comes back and, above all, it is the first time that it is accessible to the general public, for a domestic use. The Homebiogas is indeed very simple.

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It is enough to pour there each day its food waste. And not necessarily astronomical quantities. In any case, the beast is able to hold only 6 liters per day (or 15 liters of animal manure). It’s little … but plenty of enough to provide enough gas for cooking for three meals (up to 6 hours of cooking a day)!

The machine works simply thanks to a 100% natural process: in the absence of oxygen, the bacteria transform organic matter into biogas from which methane is extracted (similar to that found in natural gas from renewable energies). fossils.)

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And that’s not all, it also allows the manufacture of natural fertilizer for the garden!

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And, in addition, this invention is very simple to install. It is received as a kit and, two people, 3 hours are enough to mount it. Only detail: the gas line must be installed by an authorized technician (safety requires).

Let’s summarize:

  • The Homebiogas gets rid of our waste
  • He provides us with clean gas
  • He manufactures natural fertilizer
  • It does not charge any operating costs
  • It is easy to install

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In the genre, here is an invention more than attractive!

The Israeli company behind the project will market its product in August 2016, but we can already order it on the internet. Price of a Homebiogas: 995 dollars (875 €). A sum not that important when you know the potential savings: up to 420 dollars per year for an average household (not counting, eventually, any savings made on the garbage collection)!

Source : Homebiogas

And let’s not forget: to this economic aspect is also added the ecological considerations: to manufacture your own gas with simple waste, it is always better than to fill its bins and to consume fossil gas taken kilometers underground!

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