Hogweed: If you see this plant, you must not touch it!

In recent years, it has spread in France like a wildfire, colonizing the side of roads, meadows, vacant lots but also public and private gardens. Worse: in addition to threatening the balance of ecosystems, this invader from the East causes severe skin burns.

Although it seems harmless with its small white flowers can cause terrible pain to humans, especially children. It is very present in eastern Canada as well as in the west, but especially in eastern France.

The Giant Hogweed produces a toxin phototoxic, meaning it reacts if exposed to light. When we are left with the sap of this plant on our hands, the area exposed to the sun will cause inflammation and burns on the skin. If you do not expose the sap affected part to light, nothing will happen.

It is important to remove the sap as quickly as possible with a paper towel or towel without rubbing! Then wash with soap and rinse thoroughly with water. Subsequently, avoid exposing the affected area to the sun for at least 2 days. The time the effect leaves the skin. If ever your eyes are hit, rinse with plenty of water and put on sunglasses as soon as possible and call a doctor.

Here are pictures of Giant Hogweed and burns that a 10-year-old girl had:

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