High fructose corn syrup has been renamed out of sight

When humans started eating corn syrup, the obesity rate more than tripled and the incidence of diabetes increased more than sevenfold. Even when consumed in moderation, it is a major cause of heart disease, obesity, dementia, liver failure, tooth decay and more.

So what is the FDA doing about this syrup? It lets producers change the name of the syrup to encourage consumers to think they are not eating high fructose corn syrup.

That’s right, this high-fructose syrup now goes by a new misleading name – “natural sweetener” – designed to encourage customers to make uninformed choices that will affect their health.

Consumers are finally realizing that what we put in our mouth affects our weight and our health. As consumers have become much more aware of what they are putting on their plates, they are demanding healthier food choices. Every food company inscribes 100% natural on all boxes of anything regardless of what’s in the box.

Now, we need to know the devious new name for whether or not we consume high fructose corn syrup.

The big food companies hide ingredients because they know we really do not want to consume in their products. This time is the presence of a new version of high fructose corn syrup. But it’s not the harmless fructose that sugar fruits that humans have been eating forever. It is a dubious ingredient with many names that could cause all kinds of health problems.

The product is Vanilla Chex from General Mills, an updated version of Chex cereals sold in most conventional supermarkets for many years. The front of the box clearly indicates that the product is “without high fructose corn syrup” (HFCS), but look at the list of ingredients and you will see that there is new isolated fructose.

Why is this a problem? According to the Corn Refiners Association (CRA), there has been a sneaky name change. The term “fructose” is now used to refer to a product that was previously known as HFCS-90, which means that it is 90 percent pure fructose. Compare that to the so-called “standard” HFCS, which contains either 42 or 55 percent fructose, and you’ll know why General Mills so desires to keep you in the shadows.

The CRA explains:

A third product, HFCS-90, is sometimes used in natural and “light” foods, which need to be slightly sweetened. The syrups with 90% fructose will not indicate this high fructose corn syrup on the label, they will indicate “fructose” or “fructose syrup”.

And the reason hairs come off is pretty simple:

“By simply eliminating the designation of high-fructose corn syrup for the laboratory sweetener, call it what it really is: fructose. And so a processed food product like Vanilla Chex that contains “fructose,” a substance that, according to corn refiners, was called HFCS-90, can now claim to be without corn syrup syrup. “

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