Here’s why you should stop eating Nutella

In theory, it is very good for health, studies show that chocolate releases hormones of joy in the brain, that hazelnuts are a good source of vitamin E and minerals such as magnesium or fatty acids. And finally, there is the skim milk that many people believe to be good for strong bones and healthier teeth.

It’s no wonder families give Nutella to their children, thinking it’s good for their health. But when you know what is really in your hazelnut spread, you’ll think twice before eating or giving it to your cherubs.

Why you should stop eating Nutella:

What is really in this spread?


You will not be surprised to know that the main ingredient in Nutella is refined sugar. There are 21 grams for 2 tablespoons! This is the equivalent of a chocolate bar or 3 lollipops.

In addition to this appalling amount, the industrialist does not use real sugar. Genetically modified beet sugar is a cheap sugar that many companies use to save money. Independent studies have shown the adverse effects of this sugar on health such as digestive problems, liver, kidney or diabetes.

Palm oil

Palm oil is a very controversial ingredient because of its unsustainable production that destroys a very fragile ecosystem. Even if it is a good fat for health if it is consumed moderately, the methods used to extract it are not ecological and imply a massive deforestation and the abuse of the rights of the natives, in addition to the cruelty on the animals. . According to the World Wildlife Fund, the equivalent of 300 football fields are deforested every hour to produce palm oil.

Soy lecithin

This ingredient is present in almost all processed foods. Soy lecithin, which is used as an emulsifier, is a by-product of soybean oil production.

Soy is another food supposedly good for health, but we must not forget that virtually all soy products are genetically modified. Soy also contains a very high amount of xenoestrogens that cause fertility, thyroid problems and low testosterone levels in men.

From Vanilline

It is an artificial aroma made of chemicals to deceive your taste buds and make them believe that they are tasting vanilla.

Manufacturers are saving a lot of money by using chemicals like vanillin. The latter is a product that creates dependencies because it has stimulating properties that cause a significant increase in energy and falls drastically after 10 minutes. Vanillin is a neurotoxin that has nothing to do with real vanilla.

Why you should stop eating Nutella after:

Other components to consider


Even though cocoa is very good for health, workers in this industry are very poorly paid so it is better to buy fair trade chocolate and cocoa and Nutella is not part of it.

Skimmed milk

For decades, milk has been recommended to prevent fractures. But lately its benefits have been questioned. Many nutrition experts have become skeptical about milk, especially when consumed in large quantities.


Hazelnuts are native to the Dead Sea region but are now produced in Canada, the United States and Turkey. They are full of essential nutrients but most often they are treated with pesticides. It is therefore important to buy organic hazelnuts.

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