Here’s why you should not kiss your dog!

John Owford, a professor of virology and bacteriology at Queen Mary University in London, said “it’s not just about what saliva can deliver. Dogs spend half of their lives walking around their noses in unsavory corners or sniffing the needs of other dogs, so their noses are full of bacteria, germs and viruses of all kinds. “

A woman from the United Kingdom contracted an infection following contact with the saliva of her Italian greyhound and stayed in the intensive care unit of a hospital for weeks due to organ failure.

She was talking on the phone with a family member who, hearing his heavy tone, advised him to call an ambulance. When help arrived, she was slumped in her chair, losing consciousness. She only regained consciousness once in the hospital and her condition improved gradually. She had no other symptoms except a headache carabine the day before.

Four days later, his condition got worse. Confused, she suffered from headaches, diarrhea, fever and kidney failure. Her liver was struggling to function properly and she had trouble breathing.

Here’s why you should not kiss your dog!

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Blood tests showed the presence of a bacterium, Capnocytophaga canimorsus. Although it is rare, it is found in the mouths of cats and dogs. Without mark of scratch or bite, only the lick is left as vector of transmission.

Even though the lady is over 70, she had no immune dysfunction. She spent two weeks in intensive care under antibiotic treatment.

“Only 13 cases have been reported in the UK, and I’m thinking of a similar scale for the US,” said Shelley Rankin, professor of microbiology at Penn Vet. “For animals, this bacteria is normal in the flora of dogs’ mouths. “

North Shore University Hospital’s Chief of Infectious Diseases, Dr. Bruce Farber, adds, “The last thing you want to do is alarm people that they will be infected if they get licked or kissed by a dog. “

There may be things that could be dangerous for you in your dog’s mouth, be alert.

All is therefore to remain vigilant. At least the masters will have to keep the animal clean and watch where he could drag his snout to avoid any kind of infections.

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