Here’s why some men who are not red … have a red beard

The beard returns to fashion in recent years. It’s something that was not expected and still has a little more loyal followers. At the same time nothing more simple: just like the vegetable gardens, to maintain, to let grow (no need for fertilizer and more), to cut …

But where a quirk remains, it is that you will have more chance to regularly meet a non-red man … with a red beard. Why ?

Science explains it: it is in fact the gene MC1R, the one that codes the characteristic “color” of the hair, which can be brought to convey “incomplete dominant hereditary traits”.

That is to say that genes can be expressed differently from one place in the body to another, regardless of the geography of the body, between “intimate hairs”, hair and beard.

This has everything to do with the genes that code the pigment rate: melanin. The color of the hair depends very strongly on two of these pigments: eumelanin, the black pigment, and pheomelanin, the red pigment.

Red beard

Eric Bandholz

More than ten years ago, researchers discovered that the MC1R gene acts in a very pronounced way on chromosome 16. It is he who, by this “action”, gives this hair red color.

When someone inherits two mutated versions of the MC1R gene (from each parent), there is less pheomelanin converted to eumelanin. This first, pheomelanin, accumulates in the pigment cells. People in this case will end up with fair skin and red hair.

Red beard

So … if over five or six generations in your family, there has never been the appearance of a red hair on the horizon, do not think that you are the fruit of an extramarital relationship! Genetics can explain many things and here, it is categorical in the field of Barbes-Rousses.

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