Here’s why, it’s good to eat a lawyer a day

• Folic acid for the health of your heart. Avocados have 23% folate that reduces the incidence of heart disease. Vitamin E, monounsaturated fatty acids and glutathione are also good for the heart. Folic acid can reduce the chance of having a stroke.

• Folic acid is also essential in the prevention of congenital anomalies such as spina bifida and neural tube defects.

• Eating avocados helps our body absorb 5 times more carotenoids (lycopene and beta-carotene).

• Eye Health – Avocados contain more carotenoid lutein than any other fruit, protecting against macular degeneration and cataracts.

• Rich in beta-sitosterol, avocados lower bad cholesterol by 22%, increase good cholesterol by 11% and also reduce blood triglycerides by 20%.

• Studies show that oleic acid prevents breast cancer, inhibits tumor growth in prostate cancer, and looks for pre-cancerous and oral cancer cells and fights.

• Avocados are high in fiber and will help you feel full longer, which could help you lose weight. The high fiber promotes metabolic health and stabilizes blood sugar.

• Avocado extract can reduce the symptoms of arthritis.

• Avocado polyphenols and flavonoids have anti-inflammatory properties.

• Avocados clean the intestines, reducing bad breath.

• Avocado oil nourishes the skin very well and is a beneficial treatment for psoriasis and other skin irritations.

• Avocados contain an antioxidant called glutathione that prevents heart disease, cancer and slows the signs of aging.

• Glutathione also fights free radicals.

Our blood and our cells carry oxygen through our body. When we are exposed to environmental pollutants, these toxic substances transform oxygen in our mitochondria into free radicals, which destroys our cells and our DNA. This damage creates chronic diseases. Researchers at the Federation of American Society for Experimental Biology have found that glutathione contained in avocados can be absorbed by our mitochondria and then neutralize free radicals.

Here’s why, it’s good to eat a lawyer a day: more

Your liver produces more glutathione

If you eat a lawyer a day, your liver will produce more glutathione, which is the number one antioxidant, but it also boosts the metabolism by the magnesium it contains and is a key factor in more than 300 metabolic processes.

It is rich in monounsaturated fatty acids

Avocados are great because they offer over 100 calories of monounsaturated oleic acid, and these fats are used as combustion energy that helps your metabolism. When you consume saturated fat, you do not benefit because they are not used to burn energy but they are stored.

To lose weight, therefore, avocados are perfect, because several studies have shown that monounsaturated fats promote weight loss, and even help treat diabetes, while carbohydrates and polyunsaturated fats are responsible for taking weight and high glucose levels.

They are rich in omega-9

Even though a avocado contains about 160 calories, it is also rich in omega-9. In fact, avocados are one of the best sources for these fats, and they have been widely studied over the past decade.

These omega-9s reduce LDL cholesterol levels, while increasing the levels of HDL, which is the good cholesterol. Similarly, omega-9 contributes to the absorption of vitamins and antioxidants.

Here’s why, it’s good to eat a lawyer a day

You are satisfied

Avocados can also help you control hunger, which obviously affects your metabolism and weight loss. The way avocados improve the nutrients you get from a meal helps you control your hunger and lose weight faster. In addition, they contain a lot of water, which is also an important part of the metabolic process.

Better insulin control

Another important factor in metabolism is the glucose level in your body. Insulin is extremely powerful, it eliminates excess glucose which saves you serious problems.

If there is excess glucose, it can be stored in the liver and in the muscle tissue, but when these organs are saturated, insulin moves the glucose to the fat cells. This storage can lead to hypoglycemia, which can not only cause diabetes but also make you crave carbohydrates, which is detrimental to weight loss.

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