Here’s why it’s best to avoid this ketchup

It’s true that ketchup Heinz is perhaps the best ketchup on sale now. But if the Israelis have banned the brand from calling their product “ketchup”, it’s not for nothing. There is something suspicious or very suspicious!

For decades now, bio is becoming more and more important. This is because people are now more aware of the devastation that certain industrial and processed products can have on health, and prefer to turn to organic products. This ketchup is one of those foods that some banish from their shopping baskets.

We explain why:

1 – It would contain mercury

Mercury and its compounds are one of the ten groups of chemicals of very high concern to public health according to WHO. And this ketchup also contains a lot of genetically modified corn syrup, which itself is made up of a large part of fructose containing mercury (toxic heavy metal). Medical studies prove that the frequent consumption of genetically modified corn syrup would be dangerous for health. The latter is responsible for many diseases, including heart disease, obesity, cancer, diabetes, liver disease etc

2 – It is poor in nutrients

To see his beautiful red dress, we almost believe that it is made of 99% tomatoes freshly picked in the morning. Well, think again. Heinz ketchup would contain only a derisory amount of tomatoes, which is why the Israelis have banned its name “ketchup”. It would be mostly made of sugar, thickeners, chemicals and GMOs.

It therefore contains no fiber, no protein, no nutrients, contrary to what we believe the advertisements. In fact, this ketchup contains only a very low dose of lycopene, a natural pigment that belongs to the carotenoid family and is responsible for the red color of ketchup. Thus, it would contain only very few nutrients or not at all.

3 – It contains distilled vinegar

And that’s not all, it also contains distilled vinegar, itself derived from genetically modified corn. The latter is grown using chemicals and other pesticides. Sugar, combined with the distilled vinegar that ketchup contains, increases blood sugar levels and can cause pancreatic and liver problems. A real poison for health!

4 – It also contains too much sugar

Here is another reason that this product is very harmful. It contains a lot of sugar. Even if you only feel it slightly, the analyzes of this product reveal something else. A tablespoon of ketchup would contain 5 grams of sugar (a piece). What fatten you and poison you.

To conclude, this product is very bad for your health. It is essential to avoid it as much as possible even if it may be displeasing to children. Health, we only have one! Why not opt ​​for a homemade natural product or organic?

Nothing better than homemade ketchup.

Sources: In Israel, Ketchup Heinz will no longer be known as Ketchup and the Ynet website indicated that according to laboratory tests commissioned by the Israeli company, Ketchup Heinz only contained 21% tomato concentrate against the 61% announced, that is half the Israeli standards that require 41% for the label.

and and

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