Here’s what’s really inside a McDonald’s hamburger

But many are wondering why their Big Mac does not look like the one pictured on the ad: a quick toast, two super-sliced ​​chopped steaks, cheese that melts evenly and dripping with grace.

To answer this question, Mc Donald’s Canada shot a video that shows behind the scenes of an advertising shoot for a burger. Ingredients delicately deposited, highlighted, photo retouching … so many artifices that make that, on the pub, necessarily, your burger seems better. But do not forget that in the kitchens of a fast food restaurant, cooks rarely have time to be so delicate with your Big Mac, hence its appearance on arrival.

Hamburger McDonald

What is the composition of a Big Mac?

At Mc Donald’s, the ingredients and nutritional composition of the hamburgers are given. But by reading the list of foods, the average consumer will only identify half of them. The others, hidden behind barbaric terminologies, are in fact food additives. For the most part, they are not dangerous. But some are still to avoid because they can be carcinogenic. The following additives are found in the Big Macs: calcium propionate E282 (derived from propionic acid E280 which may be carcinogenic), lactic acid E270 (may be of transgenic origin), sodium benzoate E211 (potentially carcinogenic and allergenic), E200 (banned in organic farming), lecithins E322 (non-toxic but can be transgenic)

hamburger McDonald

The legend of the antivomitif

But what is this white trace under most hamburger buns? Some have mentioned cocaine, but the most common theory is the presence of anti-emetic tablets. The goal ? That consumers eat a max of Big Mac without ever having a stomach ache. But, unfortunately for the followers of the conspiracy theory, this anti-emetic pellet seems above all to be a sacred urban legend! The white mark left underneath the hamburger is surely that of defrosting the bread (yes, the breads used by Mc Do are packaged and sometimes frozen – nothing fatal, therefore). As proof, buy a frozen bread in your supermarket, warm it up, and you will also notice the presence of this famous white trace.

In short, there are many fantasies around this famous hamburger, which is still one of the most eaten in the world. In 2009, M6 cut some passages from an investigation into Mc Donald’s. In particular, it was learned that hamburgers could be sold more than four hours after being prepared …

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