Here’s what you need to do in case of a heart attack

What is required of a person is a complete lifestyle change to live in a healthier way for the heart and to receive ongoing care to ensure that no disease or health condition has a negative impact on the heart. heart health and does not increase the risk of having a heart attack. People with conditions such as diabetes should be especially careful to promote the health of their heart.

Here’s how to start on your way to a healthy heart.

Call the samu or firefighters 15 or 18 right away

A person is likely to have cardiac arrest if:

  • she loses consciousness, falls, does not react when spoken to or stimulated; AND
  • his breathing is non-existent (his chest does not rise).

Give emergency assistance with a cardiac massage or using a cardiac defibrillator .

Even if you do not know these practices, try them.

Perform these acts of resuscitation until the arrival of the SAMU who can begin medical treatment (oxygen, fight against pain,


How to perform a cardiac massage?

Follow the advice of the French Federation of Cardiology (FFC).

The cardiac massage must obligatorily be accompanied by an artificial respiration (by the “mouth-to-mouth”):

  • lay the person on a hard surface;
  • kneel against her, on your side;
  • place your hands on each other, in the middle of his chest, between the two breasts, arms outstretched;
  • upright, support all your weight: it is not the arms or the hands that support but your whole body;
  • exert strong pressure. Place your hands three to four centimeters in the chest, and put them up between each pressure to circulate the blood;
  • apply pressure at a steady pace, counting to 30;
  • every 30 pressures, suspend the massage to breathe twice with “mouth-to-mouth”;
  • then resume the cardiac massage: series of 30 pressures, etc.

The automated external defibrillator, easy to use

This device (available in some shopping malls, town halls, pharmacies, train stations …) guides you vocally, step by step, and guarantees a safe use.

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