Here’s what we do not tell you to avoid cavities

However, as the whole world begins to realize, when we give the body what it needs, it stays healthy. One of the health problems we thought was desperate, dental caries. This is a perfect illustration. Indeed, it turns out that caries can be avoided.

According to the American Dental Association, the reason for cavities is as follows:

“Caries occurs when foods containing carbohydrates (sugars and starches), milk, sugary drinks, grapes, cakes and sweets are frequently deposited on a tooth. Bacteria that live in the mouth grow on these foods, which results in the production of acids. After a while, these destroy the enamel of the tooth, producing a decay. “

This hypothesis poses several problems:

The number of natives who leave carbohydrate residues on their teeth, for lack of brushing them, but who usually have no cavities. Microorganisms do not consume refined sugar or flour because they do not contain supplements.

Milk, vegetables, meat, fish and fruit are not among the reasons that cause cavities. So, what is the real reason for the appearance of cavities?

What really causes cavities?

According to Dr. Weston Price and other dental colleagues who have explored the issue, caries is caused by three factors:

  • Insufficient minerals in your diet
  • A deficiency of vitamins that dissolve fats (A, D, E, and K) in your eating habits;
  • Supplements are not bio available quickly, so your intestinal system may not hold them properly. Phytic acid usually impacts this type of component.

After a while, if you need minerals and vitamins because of poor dietary habits or a diet rich in phytates (cereals, seeds, nuts and vegetables), the chemical composition of the blood and the proportion of calcium and phosphorus become unbalanced, so that minerals are repelled by the bones. This results in weakening of the teeth and bones.

So, the old belief that sugar is the cause of cavities is true, but because it is a backlash from the reduction of supplements in our body, not because microbes consume that sugar and produce acids that destroy the teeth.

The foods to eat to prevent cavities are:

To restore the proportion of calcium and phosphorus in the blood and strengthen minerals, do not eat too much sweet or processed foods.

You must also eat foods containing large amounts of minerals and vitamins that will strengthen the structure of your teeth.

Focus on the following foods:

Consume coconut oil, organic dairy products, lean meat, seafood, carcass broths and offal, such as liver.

Eat cooked vegetables in a natural way (Cooking them with carcass broths is a very good choice).

Decrease your consumption of phytic-rich foods, such as cereals, pulses and seeds, as well as those high in flour and sugar.

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