Here’s what happens when you eat ripe bananas

If you really like bananas, choose them carefully. It’s pretty hard to resist this sweet and delicious tropical fruit, but there’s one special thing you need to know when buying bananas. Ripe bananas contain a substance called TNF, or tumor necrosis factor, who has the power to fight abnormal cells. Ripe bananas develop dark spots on their skin.

The more spots there are, the more immunity is favored. Bananas are very popular in Japan.

Japanese scientific research has shown that ripe bananas contain TNF which provides strong anticancer properties. TNF increases the power of your immune system. The researchers concluded that eating ripe bananas is a great way to prevent deadly diseases and cancer.

The strength of TNF depends on the maturity of your fruit, so prefer ripe fruits.

Nutrient content changes when fruit ripens. When bananas ripen, their level of antioxidants increases gradually. Ripe bananas with dark spots on the skin turn their starch into simple sugars, much easier to digest.

Japanese scientists have done a study based on the health benefits of different ripe fruits, such as bananas, grapes, apples, watermelons, pineapples, pears and kiwis.

Research has shown that only ripe bananas provide the maximum benefit. They stimulate the production of white blood cells, stimulate immunity and produce TNF. Experts recommend eating a banana or 2 a day to boost your immunity and fight against cold, flu and other viral diseases.

Bananas with many dark spots contain a significant amount of TNF-alpha and are 8 times healthier than green or spotless bananas, 8 times more effective at improving white blood cell function.

TNF is a cytokine, or a substance that is secreted by certain cells of the immune system and has the ability to affect other cells. It works surprisingly well in the fight against abnormal cells.

Numerous studies have shown that the level of TNF increases markedly with the number of dark spots on the skin just before the skin turns brown.

Bananas are often compared to Lentinan, a chemical immunostimulant that is administered intravenously and acts as an anti-cancer agent. This means that ripe bananas act as anti-cancer agents and stimulate the production of white blood cells, which prevents mutation of the cell.

Note: Keep ripe bananas in your refrigerator to prevent further loss of nutrients. Fresh bananas with brown spots on the skin are quite ripe and you can eat them immediately. Avoid overripe bananas with cracked skin.

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