Here’s the 22-year-old Physics Genie that Harvard believes to be the next Einstein

She is a charming 22-year-old girl named Sabrina Pasterski. Remember this name because in a few years, it could be synonymous with great intelligence. From the height of its 22 years, this young Cuban-American would revolutionize physics alone as Einstein did in his day.

A thesis for the least complicated.

This young doctoral candidate at Harvard Physics says, “It’s pushing my limits for years that has led me to physics.” For her thesis, Sabrina Pasterski is interested in space, black holes, the fabric of space-time, but also works on a more fascinating subject: quantum gravity.

Gravitation is a problem when it comes to linking quantum physics and the theory of general relativity. If his thesis proves right, it could change our whole conception of the world because, for years, scientists have failed to achieve this unification.

The future Genius of physics?

An already busy career

As a teenager and only 14 years old, she tries to return to MIT, but ends up on the waiting list. It’s a video that will change everything. We see the young physicist, in his garage, building a single engine airplane …! Seeing this, Peggy Udden, Executive Secretary at MIT was amazed: “Seeing this video, we remained speechless”. She’s not the only one.

That’s why Sabrina Pasterski joined one of the most prestigious schools in the world before graduating with the highest grade. Not content to be presented as a genius of the first order, the young physicist has already been offered a job by NASA and Jeff Besos, the founder of Amazon and Blue Origins. An offer remained suspended but would still hold.

Sabrina Pasterski is not on the social networks. No Facebook or LinkedIn, but she has a PhysicGirl site where she shares her progress and her work. So you can follow the evolution of the next Einstein.

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