Here’s how to treat yourself by talking to your cells

That night, after reaching deep calm through meditation, I internally engaged my body in sincere conversation, with hope, but without knowing what to expect. After about an hour of targeted communication, something extraordinary happened.

My tissues started to respond. The connective tissue pulled and stretched layers of scar tissue. My nerves pulled and my calf muscles began to perform flexion and extension exercises regardless of my conscious control.

As this reaction continued, one of my calf muscles that had become paralyzed by the neuropathic condition – diagnosed as Reflex Sympathetic Dystrophy – came back to life when electric shocks went through the area.

My heart speeded up when I realized that the way to free myself from this condition had finally begun.

Recommendations for dynamic healing

As I continued to progress in my condition, I organized my approach into a system that I could teach people and put my professional focus on hypnotherapy.

When I give instructions to my clients, I explain that a regular meditation practice is necessary to train the brain to enter alpha and theta brain wave states. Because in these states, the communication between the conscious mind and the physical body is considerably improved.

Here’s how to treat yourself by talking to your cells

A regular meditation practice is necessary to train the brain.

I found that during communication, there are three essential steps to getting the body’s cooperation:

  • – Approach your body with true compassion, understanding that it consists of conscious cells that experience emotions.
  • – Create trust by engaging your body in mental conversations about your desire to enable you to cooperate and overcome the disease.
  • – Allow changes in the conversation by using different thoughts and words that arouse high spontaneous emotions.

The power of human Intention

I recently encountered a very similar set of factors discovered by researcher Cleve Backster, who spent 36 years studying biocommunication in plant, animal and human cells. He mentioned these factors as true intention, harmonization and spontaneity.

Backster, former interrogation specialist for the CIA, wrote that the decisive moment that led him to his real work in this world, in his book Primary Perception.

This moment occurred one morning in February 1966 when he decided to monitor the Dracaena factory in his laboratory using polygraphic equipment.

He attached electrodes to a leaf and began to think of ways to induce an increase in electrical activity in the plant. In humans, this increase in electrical activity is associated with intense emotions.

He suddenly thought of burning the sheet with electrodes. At the same time that this idea came to mind, the polygraph pen showed extreme reaction on the part of the plant.

Surprised, he went to his secretary’s desk to retrieve a set of correspondences while reflecting on the possibility that this plant had somehow detected the force of human intention.

Can plants be in tune with their healers?

When he came back with the matches, the plant always displayed the same reaction. Backster decided to “eliminate the threat” by bringing matches back to the office.

At this point, the graph showed a downward trend when the plant began to subside. When Backster tried to repeat the same results by pretending to burn the plant, but there was no reaction. The plant seemed to detect the difference between the real intention and the artificial intention.

He finally discovered that the plants were in phase with their healers, reacting to their positive and negative emotions and their return when they had been away for some time. The results of the diagrams also showed that plants prioritize the emotions of their caregivers over the emotions of other people nearby.

Signs of conscience

Backster then expanded his research to include testing human cells for signs of consciousness.

He collected white blood cells from human donors, put them under electrodes in a test tube, and then recorded the reactions of the cells when the donors experienced different emotional states. He found that spontaneous emotions were needed to provoke an electrical reaction in the cells.

For example, if a donor forced herself to feel an emotion, the cells did not respond. However, when she received a painful phone call from her daughter, the cells responded significantly.

Creative healing capacity

These experiments were carried out when using equipment that eliminated electromagnetic radiation, the usual energies used for the transmission of information. The cells behaved as if the screens were not there, suggesting that this communication is carried by a field still unidentified by conventional science.

Some scientists believe that the development of quantum physics can help us understand this area that communicates the emotional intent between living things. Quantum entanglement is a process where two particles of matter that interact with one another always behave as if they were connected after being separated by several kilometers.

When an energetic change is made to the properties (position, momentum and spin) of one of the particles, the properties of the other far particle change at the same time.

The meditation techniques involved in my practice bring the mind to harmonization with this area. The energy of this domain is then focused on a physical healing event through a clear intention, delivered through a conversation that evokes spontaneous emotions, and puts the physical body in phase with the conscious mind.

This method, which I call Antara (Sanskrit for the Inner), allows one to experience the raw creative healing capacity generated by an alliance of mind and body with this living universal energy field.

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