Here’s how to tone down stretch marks simply and naturally

Stretch marks, these unsightly marks, can poison the lives of many women. They are usually associated with pregnancy, significant weight gain, growth spurts during puberty and other rapid changes. Stretch marks appear when the skin is stretched beyond the limits of its elasticity. The skin cracks and the deep fibers of its collagen break. Stretch marks are therefore a tear.

Stretch marks are unavoidable for many of us and especially for women. It is quite normal to have especially when you are pregnant. According to the American Academy of Dermatology, about 90% of women have stretch marks after their 6th or 7th month of pregnancy. If your mom has had stretch marks, then the risk is great to have that you have too because it’s genetic.

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There are ways to reduce the appearance of stretch marks.

Some of these ways are effective in getting rid of stretch marks these are remedies that use simple ingredients. Here’s how to get rid of stretch marks simply and what to know to mitigate:

1.With egg whites

Egg whites are rich in amino acids and very good proteins to heal the skin, giving it a smooth, youthful look. You can use them as a mask, leave them for a few minutes to dry and then wash your skin with warm water.

2. With Aloe Vera a plant with multiple benefits

Aloe Vera repairs the damage of the skin and therefore, it is very useful in the treatment of stretch marks. You can use aloe vera gel daily to massage the affected area. Instead of using creams with lots of chemicals, massage with aloe vera gel. It will provide the most beneficial vitamins and nutrients for the skin.

3. With potato.

The application of potato juice can restore damaged cells to your skin. Take medium potatoes and cut into pieces. Each of these pieces must contain enough juice to rub your skin with.

4. With cane sugar

Take a little cane sugar and mix it with the almond oil. Apply this mixture to the skin and leave for a few minutes. Your stretch marks will start to fade.

5.With cocoa butter

Cocoa butter is a very good moisturizer. It is actually rich in fatty acids and nutrients, perfect components for dry and damaged skin. For best results, you need to persevere and apply it twice a day for several months.

6. Get rid of stretch marks simply with olive oil or sweet almond

After each wash, you can apply olive oil or sweet almond on your skin to keep it elastic and hydrated. These oils can effectively reduce stretch marks and protect your skin. Vitamin E and all the antioxidants found in olive oil and almond oil are important to have a well-hydrated skin.

7. The inevitable lemon juice and vitamin C

You can use fresh lemon juice (preferably organic) and apply it on your stretch marks to help reduce their intensity. If you do not want to use vitamin C in topical form, you can take it as an oral supplement. 500 mg of vitamin C, 3 times a day, are enough to obtain good results.

“On the other hand, stretch marks are like real scars on the surface of the skin and when they are installed, you can not erase them 100%. But we can however mitigate them. A massage at the level of the stretch mark will irrigate the area and circulate the blood. Of course, if you opt for anti-stretch mark care and ultra-moisturizing collagen, you will reduce the appearance of the stretch mark, but no care can make it disappear, warns Mr. Talab.

Here is how to reduce stretch marks simply and naturally:

How to prevent and treat stretch marks?

Women should be particularly vigilant to hydrate their skin during periods of hormonal changes: during adolescence, menopause and during pregnancy. Good hydration will help soften the epidermis.

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