Here’s how to overcome pain through creative meditation

If you have the ability to meditate, so to stop to close your eyes, relax, breathe, soothe yourself and listen to your real needs and what the world expects of you, beyond the false cravings created by advertising, then you will progress on these four points.

Let’s take them back in order.

  • Relationship to others: creative meditation makes it less aggressive, more open and benevolent; your relationship to others is improving.
  • Spiritual and creative potential: this more concentrated meditation, more applied in your tasks and projects. You will be less likely to make mistakes. You have a more positive impact on the world around you, whether in your family, your neighborhood, your business or in your activities and projects.
  • Suffering morals: these moments of inner healing soothe stress and anxiety. You experience less moral suffering.

On the other hand, it is the fourth point that seems more doubtful: to relieve physical suffering.

Creative meditation against physical diseases

If you are sick, if you suffer physically, can “simple” meditation really help to heal?

Well, the answer is yes!

But I’m not going to make big speeches. I will not try to prove that it’s true.

Because precisely, the whole question is to believe it. Believe it, or at least hope before you start. Believe it, even when you have no reason to believe it. Only then does the true strength of the spirit reveal itself.

I am going to tell you how to meditate in a “creative” way, that is, to achieve a real improvement in your life and the world around you.

But on the effectiveness of creative meditation, I prefer to let speak a faithful reader of Health Nature Innovation.

Testimony of healing

This reader is Marc Isoard. As he will explain to you, he is touched by an incurable disease by means of conventional medicine.

But creative meditation helps him heal. He could no longer stand, hold a pen, put toothpaste on a brush. In a few months, he has been able to cycle 50 kilometers, handle the jigsaw and the drill.

And he allowed me to share his experience with you. I give him the floor. Thank you for being attentive to what it delivers us:

“I carry the syndrome of a genetic disease, fragile X disease.

This disease has been studied since 1991 only and I had to go to Switzerland to confirm the diagnosis of a French laboratory. There is currently no treatment for traditional medicine.

  • I was diagnosed with “Fragile X” in 2011 alone, but my problems started in 2006. For a long time, my wife and I have been running a partnership with a bush village in eastern Senegal. The day we arrived in Dakar, I did not stand up and had to stand at the wall of the hotel to move forward. The doctor who examined me accused the malaria medication that I had been taking for three days (malarone, a high-dose anti-malaria drug). (…)
  • I had no problems until 2009 (January 3 exactly). I did a ski fall (what’s more banal) but I could not get up. I made three more runs (which I have no memory) before having very surprising words, style “I was told that I had fallen” when it was I who had just told it. I said this sentence many times and my son called for help. I have no memory of these events and I started “back on earth” when I arrived at the hospital 20 km away. I was in a second state but not in a coma. After multiple MRIs, CT, electrocardiograms and radio of all kinds, all these tests being negative, I was let out of the hospital without knowing what I had.
  • Life resumed and, on the occasion of a spa treatment near Sète, I went on a bike ride; after 20 km, I fell and only returned to my mind at the Sète hospital where I was entitled to all the exams mentioned above, all negative. I do not remember it at all. It could have been a dream, except that I had a huge head trauma that lasted six months. So I came out of the hospital a second time without knowing what was causing me to lose my balance.
  • I decided to look for myself and at a family meeting, we talked about the case of my little nephew and so I decided to be analyzed for this disease. The results (rate 94) were doubly reassuring: I finally knew what made me lose my balance, and that I was simply a carrier (so I will never be mentally ill because there is no possible passage of a stadium to the other). I went to Switzerland to consult the specialist who was studying this disease and who confirmed all that is said above. But no treatment !!!
  • I consulted several doctors who treated rare diseases, took antibiotics for more than a year, but nothing worked: in 2012, I walked exactly like a drunkard, going from one wall to another in a corridor or a small street, and had to focus very hard on my balance and look where I set foot, even on flat ground, to avoid the fall.
  • It was in the circle of our friends that we found help: a chiropractic friend was treating us for different back pain and she offered to try creative meditation , first in groups of five or six people, and for some time, personalized sessions more effective.

The intention is to create a new personality because we use only 10% of our possibilities and, by acting within the remaining 90%, we can create, in our brain, new networks and new connections of neurons that will allow our brain to read our genes and our DNA in another way. I project myself, in thought, into my new personality (as I would like to be), acting as if I were already like that. So I use the I (I am stable, I walk in a straight line) and not “I do not want to walk like a drunkard anymore”: positive thinking, not negative. I use the thought as a means to arrive at the experience (over the meditations), I gradually live these experiences as more and more real and it triggers me strong emotions: it is these emotions that will act on the body (or mind). The body or mind will gradually believe that the new personality already exists and will therefore be in phase with this new personality.

  • To illustrate my point, let’s go back to my personal case: I have been doing creative meditation since January 2014 (one year), but every day since September, and in each of these meditations, I see myself walking in a straight line, cycling correctly, write easily and do manual actions of precision (yes, I also had these problems: not being able to write, to let go of objects without reason, not to be able to put my toothpaste on my brush).

Well, LIVE CREATIVE MEDITATION! In one year, all these problems have improved considerably: I walk almost in a straight line, naturally without watching my feet, I started riding again as before (minimum 50 km), as before I do a lot of work (drill, saw jig …)



Well yes, dear Marc, your message of courage and hope is extraordinary! We say thank you for spreading such energy and so much joy around you.

(following below)

Continuation of the letter of this day:

Prepare for meditation

To prepare for creative meditation, it is important to have a frame.

Difficult, when you start, to do it in your kitchen, car or office.

1. Beauty of the frame

Meditation is usually done with your eyes closed.

However, before you close your eyes and reopen them, it is important that your eyes can contemplate an interior or landscape that soothes and inspires you.

It is not for nothing that the most beautiful houses and castles, the most beautiful apartments, the most beautiful hotels, overlook the spectacle of the magnificent sea, peaks or vertiginous abysses, the most beautiful monuments of the most beautiful cities . You contemplate this spectacle and immediately feel your soul calming down, or swelling with joy.

Men have always endeavored to foresee such places near their homes. In the absence of sea, mountain, it was a beautiful tree, a beautiful river, a fountain, a temple, a statue, a church with stained glass sparkling in a thousand colors …

You can also put an inspiring image in front of you.

2. The calm

Look for silence, but the rustling of nature, the song of birds, a soft and solemn music also favor meditation.

The important thing is not to be disturbed.

3. The light

Darkness and the excess of light interfere with meditation.

You will create a favorable atmosphere thanks to the light of a candle and the dim light. It was also the function of the stained glass windows, which illuminate while blocking any violent light.

4. Perfumes

We often forget this dimension.

People who burn incense at home are sometimes considered a bit “crazy”.

And yet, the question of perfumes is, in my opinion, as important or even more so than that of the sound environment.

There are many candles and diffusers of essential oils. Burning perfumes is one of the oldest traditions of all refined civilizations, from Egypt to Tibet, Jerusalem and Mesopotamia.

This is because perfumes have a very powerful evocative power. They are capable of brutally changing our inner dispositions.

Do not deprive yourself of their benefits.

If you’re not used to it, start with the great classics of lavender, frankincense, myrrh and peppermint. You can then improve by adding touches of coriander, ylang-ylang, benzoin and patchouli.

5. Position

Put yourself in a position that allows you to be relaxed, without falling down.

Sitting in an armchair, lying on a bed, sprawled on a couch, you are more likely to take a good nap than a real creative meditation session …

The back should be straight, vertical, which will promote the elevation of your thoughts. Orientals prefer tailoring, which requires a certain habit. In the Near East, the traditional “typical” position of meditation, or prayer, was to stand with the palms of the hands turned forward, just in front of the shoulders. There is finally the knee position, well known at home.

6. Internal provisions

Avoid any exhausting activity or disperse energy before the session (intensive sport, television, video games). Avoid watching the news on TV, they are too negative.

Begin with breathing exercises such as cardiac coherence. Breathe calmly (6 breaths per minute) for 5 minutes.

Then do a job of expressing gratitude for all you have. The goal is to leave the never-ending quest for missing.

Watch his thoughts and try not to “go round in circles” in obsessions (worries or desires), so as not to excite his mind too much or feed his negative patterns of behavior or thoughts.

The aim is to turn one’s gaze away from matter, from time to time, to bring it up to the wonders of the spiritual world.

So it’s not about getting rid of thought, but turning it into a different thought that allows you to focus on your ideal or purpose that motivates you, without negative interference.

A route of life

Creative meditation is a journey of life that you will have to nourish through readings, encounters, discovery

S (music, travel, artistic creation), reflections.

It is necessary to plan a daily moment to practice it, but also to develop a certain discipline of life: cook and eat healthy, pay attention to his body without being obsessed, sleep at regular hours, avoid as much as possible to introduce in itself artificial chemical substances, including food and medicine.

Each person will find a particular way, corresponding to his identity, his character, his aspirations, his state of health.

But it is above all through the example, the testimony, that we can learn, then progress in this way.

Insofar as this is a major aspect of the healing journey, but which is almost completely hidden today, I invite other readers of Health Nature Innovation who have experience in the field to the share. You can do it by writing to me directly, or by simply leaving a comment at the bottom of this letter which is republished here .

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