Here’s how to love a broken woman.

Those who in their last relationship felt trapped, controlled by someone they loved so intensely with passion and loyalty, controlled by someone who gave them a sense of helplessness, to whom they were unable to tell NO.

It is as a result of this that a girl becomes broken, by too much love, to give too much of oneself, of one’s heart, and to have it shattered into pieces.

This is how a girl becomes broken, by being used, being deceived too often, being ignored.

This is how a girl becomes broken when she is caught between doubt and love, between her heart that loves without limits and her reason that no longer accepts all this situation.

It is at this moment that they will learn trust because they can only trust themselves.

This is where they learn to be strong women because they are the only person they can count on.

It is there that they have learned to hide their emotions, so that a person does not use them against them, not to feel weak, and exposed.

It was also at this moment that they learned that they were able to get out of the worst situations, able to live and endure the worst, to drip what life has to offer.

These broken people are those who have survived … to love.

These broken girls are those who will always open their hearts, even if they have every reason in the world to stop doing it.

But these girls live with regret, doubt, and all too often they take responsibility for the failure of their past relationships and too often they blame themselves for it.

These girls are broken, because even after their relationships, they carry the traces as the wounds inflicted on them, as a burden, as if it was their fault or they deserved this toxic relationship.

It will only take one person to show them, to teach them, that it was not their fault, that they did not deserve all this, that they should not remember this past as if their lives depended on it. .

But now and now these broken girls are too scared to let anyone come close to them because they are afraid to be vulnerable again, to be naked again, to feel new mark them as a hot iron.

Their walls are built to protect themselves, protect their heart, but also their soul and spirit.

They think that they are better alone, that poorly accompanied, they also think that no one can understand their damage.

These broken girls do not want pity.

They do not want others to feel bad for them.

And this pain of living love is always present, it haunts them.

As a post-it reminds them that they will never heal or be complete again.

That’s why if you like this kind of girl, you should not try to heal her or pick up the pieces of her heart. Nor try to change it. You only have to accept it as it is, in full, for whom and what it is, it’s as simple as that, it takes patience, courage, will, to love a broken girl, but the game is worth the candle.

To love a broken girl is not simply to try to win her heart, or to prove to her that you deserve it, it’s the opposite, it’s you who must show her that she deserves you that you are not going to not to leave, not to leave it, that you are here to stay, and that what you give to it as love, is not about to die out or to fly away.

You must overcome your reason, and win your heart with confidence, comfort, with the kind of love you would like to receive, the one it will give you if you are patient with it, the kind of intense, passionate, deep love tender and gentle at the same time, the kind of love that deserves every effort.

And you will see that when you have undone the wall around her heart and mind, and even if she is a little complicated or hard to love, that the way she loves you, the strength she puts in is the the most sumptuous and intense kind of love to live.

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