Here’s how to calm down when you’re in a state of intense anxiety

Do you often feel anxious? Your heart is racing? There is a good chance that it will be a crisis of anxiety. Anxiety is one of the disorders we hear the most about. Sometimes you have anxiety or an anxiety disorder but you have trouble finding solutions to overcome it.

Nothing seems to prevent anxiety from creeping in, settling in your mind. She keeps telling you that you are likely to fail, that other people do not like you. The wisdom says to “leave the front and back doors open to allow negative thoughts to flow, without serving them tea”.

Here are ways to calm your mind when you are in a state of extreme anxiety.

1. To reassure you by telling yourself that difficult situations bode well for success

When you go through difficult times, reassuring yourself that everything is going well will make the process less painful. Prepare your mind to discover your new skills and learn from them.

2. Listen to an autosuggestion recording

Record words of self-encouragement or words of wisdom from self-suggestion teachings, then remove yourself to a quiet place and listen to them whenever you feel anxious or depressed.

3. Try to accept the feeling of anxiety

Sometimes the resistance you do strengthens your anxiety. Take a step back and analyze what makes you worried. Often you worry about someone or something, so understanding the reason for your concern will help you find solutions.

4. Imagine how you would like it to be different

You will not always be able to change your situation directly, but you have the power to imagine a different scenario. This process of imagination helps you turn your negative thoughts into positive thoughts, and rebuild your confidence. According to some specialists in Interactive Imaging “The mind is surely the way to cure the least used we have.”

5. Try to change your mind

Sometimes distraction is a good way to deal with worry. Watch a comedy movie, read a book, go out with friends, etc., get involved in everything that seems exciting to reduce the pressure and take it out of your mind.

6. Try gratitude

Why not try to make a list of all why you are grateful, when you are stuck in a spiral of worry and negative thoughts. Directing your emotions towards noble feelings and empathy will help restore calm in your head.

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