Here is why it is better to take off your shoes before going home.

In the 2008 study conducted by Charles Gerba, professor of microbiology at the University of Arizona, it was found that in almost two weeks, shoes accumulated nearly 420,000 bacteria outside, of which 96% was coliforms.

According to Professor Gerba’s work, of all the bacteria identified on shoes, 27% were of the species E. coli, micro-organisms that live in the gut of humans and animals.

Here is why it is better to take off your shoes before going home.

The expert suggests that this may be due to the frequent contact that shoes have with fecal matter, whether on the street or in public toilet floors.

While most E. coli do not cause health problems, in some cases these are the triggers for diseases and episodes of chronic diarrhea.

But the worst is yet to come: among the thousands of microorganisms on shoes, there are large amounts of Klebsiella pneumoniae and Serratia marcescens.

K. pneumoniae is one of the causes of infections of the urinary system, pneumonia and other soft tissue diseases and due to open wounds.

On the other hand, S. marcescens tends to generate conjunctivitis, keratitis and in some cases meningitis and endocarditis.

These two varieties of bacteria are those that attack the body when it does not have enough antibodies to defend itself. These are the ones that cause complications in hospitals (nosocomial diseases).

However, it should be noted that the likelihood of infection from footwear is minimal, unless it has direct contact with the mouth or an open wound.

However, the means to bring these bacteria into the home are very numerous and the body makes every effort to fight against.

Even so, it is important to avoid risks by taking simple steps, such as taking off your shoes before going home, or washing your shoes regularly with soap and water.

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