Here is the reason why girls are constantly tired

It is annoying for a tired woman to see that her friend recovers more easily the hours of sleep lost. We thought it was a cliché, it is now a scientific fact: while a man can stay awake later without being exhausted, girls have trouble watching without paying the price the next morning.

Researchers from Duke University in the United States in North Carolina have done some work on the subject. They found that women are more receptive to emotional or physical shocks than men and are more prone to suffering. It would be because of this that the fatigue wins them more easily!

But the problem is more serious than a big hit or a quick exhaustion difficult to recover. The consequences of lack of sleep are quite dangerous for women. As a result of repeated lack of rest, women are more vulnerable to depression, heart disease and psychological problems.

The University also provides an answer to the very bad mood of women in the morning: Dr. Michael Breus, expert in the study of sleep, explains that a lack of sleep for a woman causes many physical pains. This explains why your darling wakes up grumpy in the morning … So do not bitch too quickly if your girlfriend is grumpy in the morning, nothing will change: it is unfortunately biological!

The study concluded that men, lucky, do not seem so exposed to diseases when they do not sleep.

To remedy the lack of sleep, the researcher advises women to perform 25-minute naps that, of course, do not replace a good night’s sleep, but are still beneficial to health. Since sleep has a restorative effect on the brain, it is essential not to miss it.

The study goes on to confirm another snapshot: women are using more parts of their brains. They tend to do many things at once and have a generally more sociable temperament. This could explain the great need for sleep of the fairer sex!

So girls, if you’re already sleeping on the couch when you get home from work, do not worry, it’s normal, it’s just because you’re using your brain too much.

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