Here is the great idea of ​​a man to grow tomatoes

James Bryan had a brilliant idea that resulted in something brilliant. Gardening and recovery fanatics look, a mini garden, a tomato cage, drip irrigation. The configuration is obviously simple but very functional and efficient. You can make one for almost nothing, especially if you get the fence.

Bryan explains:

I started on May 28 to plant 4 tomatoes around a trash can with holes drilled on the edge of the bottom and a second row about 25 cm above … I buried the trash so that the top holes exceed hardly soil … I put in two shovels of compost … then I filled the trash with water every 2 days trying not to water the leavesthese four plants are now 1m 60 in less than a month and a half and are loaded with green tomatoes and a hundred tomato flowers …

Grow tomatoes:

May 28

End of June, 1 meter cage

“On July 9, after a week of record temperatures and very little rain … the plants are loaded with tomatoes in the cage and full of flowers too! -James Bryan via Hometalk

Bryan used a 50-liter kitchen bin to grow the tomato plants above but has since moved on to 20-liter buckets because they are much cheaper and easier to find in numbers.

Grow tomatoes:

You can even use a larger bin as long as you provide each plant with 20 liters of water a week. For example, if you use a 20 liter bucket and plant 2 tomato plants around you fill the 20 liter bucket twice a week. Or a 50-liter trash can filled twice gives 100 liters, so you can plant up to 5 plants around.

“I now grow tomatoes for the market, and I have a higher yield per plant than most other growers,” says Bryan.

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