Here is the difference between being in love, and being tied to each other

But, what if you are mistaken about your own feelings? And if you were so afraid of being alone, that anyone who would bring you any comfort or security in your life, would you seem to be the man or woman of your life?

You probably know what kind of relationship you end up breaking … After a few months, you wonder how you could say “I love you” to someone you would be ashamed to go out on the street today? A person so empty, so narrow-minded, so far from your ideals?

Well probably, because you were completely wrong at the base. It was not love. It was a simple attachment.

No one can know, apart from yourself, if the love you feel is real or if it’s just insecurity hidden under a layer of cheap deodorant … But we can give you some small indications that you can unravel the truth from the false.

This is the kind of small indications that you can also show to one of your friends – if by chance, she became too attached to this asshole who was to be a blow of a night …

Here is the difference between being in love, and being only attached to each other:

Love is passionate; attachment is apathetic

It is sometimes said that love and hate are very close, and that’s not wrong. That’s why, if you break up with someone you love, all that great unconditional love turns into a passionate and irrepressible flood of hatred.

When you are just “attached” to someone, you do not feel that kind of hatred. You are angry, paranoid, anxious, but you can not feel as strong as hatred … Just because basic, your feeling for the other person was not so strong.

Love is everything for the other; attachment is everything for you

When you are really in love, you think of the other person first. For the first time in your life, you want to put someone else’s needs ahead of your own interests.

When you feel a simple attachment, you just want someone to be near you. You’re not trying to meet your needs – you’re looking to fill yours first and foremost …

Love is a difficult thing; attachment is only difficult when you are far apart.

True love is never an easy thing. We may think that it is because it is a feeling so pure and beautiful, but anything that is intense and likely to change a life really requires a lot of work. You must take care every day of your love, continue to feed him.

With attachment, it is much simpler since there is nothing to feed. You just have to be together, and that’s all you have to do. You measure the intensity of your relationship to the number of times you manage to see you a week …

You need the other person, just as you would need a drug. But it does not grow, it does not turn into something potentially better. As with any drug, the rise is never sustainable, and we always end up down …

Love is a feeling that frees you. The attachment is possessive

When you’re really in love, you do not need to see the other person to feel safe. You do not have to be physically present with this person to understand how they feel.

When it’s just attachment, you do not really understand your partner’s feelings … Because the only time you feel safe is when you’re with him or her. When you are separated, you can not help but wonder what he / she does, with whom …

Love makes us stronger. The balance of power is all that matters when you are just tied.

Nothing like love to give you the feeling of being able to do everything, move mountains and run for miles. It gives you an unspeakable feeling of freedom, a crazy energy. You feel alive and ready to fight both of you against the world!

When it comes to a simple attachment, all or most of your relationship is based on a struggle of power and influence. You want everyone to make sure you are the one who is not left behind … You want to lead the relationship instead of sharing the rudder. You are both handcuffed, and you want to be the one with the keys.

Love is eternal. Attachment is limited in time.

When you’re in love – really in love – you are, and that’s it. Whether your relationship is working between you or not, this person attachment does not work like that. Attachment is always waiting for better, always subject to a more or less close end. Attachment is not a real thing – it is only a pale copy of what love can be.

If that’s the case, one of these days, one of you will find that true love, and all that fake attachment that you have placed toward each other will evaporate, as fast as it is ‘has been created.

True love does not fade like that. He stays in you forever.

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