Calcium, as 98% of people do not know, is a metal! Although it may be supposed to be white like chalk or bone, calcium is not only the main metal constituting our body (with non-metal carbon) but it is found in all living cells.

This 1st place gives it a vital character, we are often told, but we can not imagine how close potassium (K), magnesium (Mg), sodium (Na) and strontium (SR) in the chemical picture, it maintains our health by the interaction with these elements, at the level of the bones (everyone knows it) but also of the brain and the nervous system. Above all, it is not known how useful it is for the transport of oxygen (transported by the iron in the blood) in all the white tissues, from the thyroid to the ovaries, to the testicles, passing through the brain and what is seen most: the white of your eyes.

Pain reliever: sulfur, activator of vitality

Sulfur has enormous acid power. It accentuates all the alkaline phenomena: this is how it potentiates the properties of calcium, key element of the living, everywhere in our body, stimulating our general vitality, from blood to most of our organs.

The central role of sulfur on the pH equilibrium (acid-base level) occurs even in our brain where without it appear migraines or other pathologies.

In the eyes, sulfur maintains the balance of the vitreous humor (80% of the eye).

Sulfur ensures the proper functioning of the skin and allows this barrier to assimilate the many external elements that our body needs.

Anti-pain: a daily care for a few cents of euros

To take advantage of the plaster, it is enough simply to dilute some grams in a little water.

Here is the recipe as it was given to me by Philippe Perrot-Minnot (geological engineer of formation) *:

  • Get plaster, all simple, DIY store. “Modeling plaster” or “plaster of Paris”. It will cost you little more than 1 € per kilo. Regardless of the brand, provided to verify that the product is guaranteed 100% calcium sulphate (kind “Allready”, among others).
  • For a bath of feet or hands, calculate 3 tablespoons of plaster for 5 to 8 liters of water. The plaster is diluted at a rate of 3 g per liter and the solution is operating whatever the temperature.
  • For local application, plan in proportion by diluting the plaster in a saucer for example.

Anti-pain: 3 easy rituals

Nothing better to start than a foot bath.

Relax, sit in front of a container where your feet will be comfortable in 5 to 8 liters of water (warm preferably). The water level must be able to cover your ankles.

Spread the 3 spoons of plaster, stir, dissolve. Remember to keep a toweling near you.

Bathe your feet in the water by gently moving the toes. After 10 minutes of relaxation and feeling of softness, let them dry naturally for a few minutes on the terry cloth. Once the feet dry, do what you want but do not wipe the slight deposit on your skin because it will continue to act.

For local jobs at the hands and wrists.

For severe pain identified (joints), place a small “film” of plaster moistened with water (like whitewash) on the painful place. Leave for a quarter of an hour (the plaster works when it is wet).

The plaster mask

On the cheeks, forehead and face … The mask relieves exhausted eyes by decongesting them (it activates the oxygenation of the sclera, the white of the eye) and beautifies your skin. The turn is played in three quarters of an hour!

Pain relief: immediate effectiveness

Experiment, it does not cost anything: you will quickly see a better sleep (sometimes from the first evening) and quite quickly (often in a week) a relief from your pain.

The effect can even be extraordinary on chronic osteo-articular pain or in people who have difficulty walking.

Pain relief: a useful prerequisite

10 minutes before making your care, absorb a pinch of salt then drink, sip by mouth, of the flat water. When you no longer feel thirsty (when you have drunk the amount corresponding to the pinch of salt), your body is ready to collect calcium: it will then fall on it and react instantly.

This little alkaline ritual actually stimulates the thyroid, the gland regulating the level of calcium in the body. Salt may be contraindicated in your home. Whatever … I refer you to the subject in Michel Dogna’s article: “It is not salt that is dangerous for health but potassium deficiency”.

Up to you ! In any case this useful salt intake is not essential: it potentiates the care. Exactly like the sulfur pebble whose application in massage on the areas treated with plaster stimulates the polyvalent action of calcium.

This use of plaster, very pleasant (especially in foot bath) will be more effective than it will be performed regularly.

Make it your evening “care and relaxation” break!

* To learn more about the works of Philippe Perrot-Minnot and to assimilate all natural chemistry, visit the site