Here is a test to recognize a narcissistic pervert

Recognize, detect a narcissistic pervert through the following test. If you find 10 to 15 points of comparison, you are dealing with a simple manipulator. Beyond fifteen similarities, you must immediately act to save your existence.

RUN AWAY ! The narcissistic pervert feels joy at the spectacle of your decay associated with the feeling of morbid domination. The mistake of the victims of a perverse narcissistic manipulator is to look for the existence of a feeling where there is unfortunately none. True grinding machines, we recognize them mainly in toxic loves, but they are also friends, colleagues, your own family.

Test and compare the 30 points below with the character traits of the person you suspect of being a narcissistic perverse manipulator.

This test is also valid for women

Recognize a narcissistic pervert:

Guess the victim by reversing roles

To arouse a feeling of guilt in one’s victim is a maneuver in which the narcissistic pervert takes a real pleasure. By deferring his responsibility to his target, he pushes her to admit that she alone is responsible for a situation. To discard one’s wrongs is a specialty of the manipulator.

Do not communicate clearly, deny the obvious

It is impossible to know exactly what his demands are, what he needs, his feelings and his opinions. He makes sure that his prey is perpetually trying to understand him, it is for this reason that he often responds so as to maintain the ambiguity.

• “You misunderstood, I did not say things in that sense …”

• “I did not do that for that purpose …”

• “I did not say it for you …”

Recognize a narcissistic pervert

To each person or situation a different behavior

A normal person uses a relatively constant reaction mode. Our character, meanwhile, is constantly different on the feelings displayed, his behavior as his opinions. The victim never gets to situate him in the relationship or who he really is. He is elusive!

He is armed with logical reasons

Where a request would have received the worst reception with another, the logical reasons that it gives rise to acceptance. Thus, often, her target finds herself accepting things she would never have approved normally. The demands are disguised by the relentless logic of his reasoning. Puppeteer at your expense, but your awareness is only after the fact!

You must be perfect

Perfection is not an option! It makes you believe that you absolutely must never change your mind and that you must answer the questions immediately. So you have to know everything and react to his demands in a quarter turn.

Criticism and devaluation

His criticism is discreet but intense, he devalues ​​under cover of humor at first, then makes judgments about you. It insinuates the doubt about your qualities, your skills and more generally your personality. With him the person you believe to be will have gradually lost all importance. You become banal, uninteresting, or even extremely inferior.

Spread his messages by others

Place others in position to transmit their messages. He uses it mainly not to devalue himself by attacking the others because it is you who will have said it and not him. Thus, he can be the executioner of a person while comforting the same victim in the same table.

Divide and conquer

With a delicate touch, with discretion, he sows discord while cultivating suspicion. Its mode of operation is to divide and conquer. He gradually breaks friendships and groups in order to get what he wants.

He positions himself as a victim

Self-elected victim, the narcissistic pervert is in this position to be the star. Thus, his entourage sympathizes, complains, understands him in his trials. He is the one to whom we turn and, after all, who could be wary of a victim? With him, one must never hesitate to feel sorry for his poor fate, he will only eat you better, then!

Ignore requests

Yes, he will always respond positively to requests made to him. However, he will then prefer to slip away politely, always pretexting a valid reason.

Uses the moral principles of others

To satisfy his needs, he uses the moral principles of others as a chameleon. It can fully integrate a group’s way of thinking and its principles into believing that it is also its own. Being a being really very weak, he has no personality and absorbs that of others!

Hidden threats or open blackmail

He may as well use disguised threats as open blackmail. In both cases his target must comply with his requirements.

Change the subject or escape

During a conversation, he totally changes the subject without warning. To avoid a question that would make him feel uncomfortable or up to date, he changed the subject as if he had not heard the question. Confusing, he can also escape by leaving the discussion or meeting.

Ignoring the ignorance of others

The ignorance of others is a favorable source in which he draws tirelessly to make believe in his superiority. He uses the credulity of individuals, their ignorance to show that he is superior, and his need for admiration is finally recognized. He often looks for people in distress.

He lies

He often lies for everything and nothing, even for trifles, will invent a life and hate to be unmasked above all. He can have different lives with many people at the same time. His lies are often undetectable, because he will add a touch of experience to make them credible long enough.

Say the wrong to know the true

He preaches the false to know the true and this applies to all areas of his life. The main purpose of this strategy is to let him know if he can trust the person he meets. It also makes it possible to test the evolution of the takeover on its prey.

He is egocentric

He brings everything back to himself in a very natural way, his egocentric nature remains profound. He is the most beautiful, he is the best, he wants to be the guru …

He can be jealous

The narcissistic pervert can be jealous. Be careful, however, because it is not sentimental love jealousy, but an enviable translation! Above all, he tries to hide it, but his jealousy is expressed in terms of the abilities you have and do not have. The PN is close to you as its thing and as a woman you are its object. So you do not have the right to supplant him, he is the best.

Obsessed with the social image

He can not bear being criticized because he does not want and can not be perceived as a bad person. The POSITIVE image that others send back from him is crucial, not to say vital, because it is unbearable to appear differently.

Rarely gets upset

The manipulator seldom gets upset because taking and maintaining control is the basis of its operation. Except in the case of a naturally violent pervert, a manipulator orchestrates a crisis if it deems it useful to do so, but it will not be a spontaneous action for him.

Ignore others

Your rights, your needs and your desires have no place for him, although he makes you believe otherwise.

Words opposed to his attitudes

When the speech is white, his actions are black! The reactions of the manipulator are the opposite of the attitude corresponding to the speech.

We talk about him

He is constantly the subject of conversations, even when he is not present. It is besides a big source of satisfaction of the perverse narcissistic manipulator.

Becomes suddenly attentive

Flattery, outing, little gift, this person is to please you and surrounds you with solicitude unexpectedly. In this case, he will have a request to make that he will pass for your well-being while he will act in his own interest. By making him believe that he meets one of your needs or by an action of kindness, he acts only in his interest.

Causes a feeling of non-freedom

Causes a feeling of emotional dependence. You can not separate from him, even if you know that it is unhealthy to have him as a relation.

Achieves goals at the expense of others

He is remarkably efficient at achieving his goals at the expense of others. He knows how to use others to get what he wants. He is the puppeteer of his entourage.

Lose your bearings

With him, your mind becomes confused, it turns your brain. The expression “do not know where one lives” makes sense with him. The term “brainwashing” is appropriate because it seeks to shape the other according to its goals. Narcissism exacerbated, he enjoys observing how he does what he wants his little mouse.

Vampirise your energy

During phases of denigration, belittling, it empties you of your energy. It is not to revitalize itself so the term “vampiriser” is misused, it is a black hole in the facts. The unjustified character of his attitude empties the energy of his victim who never knows how to act with the pervert.

Emotional coldness

Under the guise of a loving person, he is, however, devoid of empathy. He shows incredible emotional coolness, unless his victim tells him he is hurt by his fault. In this case, he will do everything to prove that NO.

It hurts you

With him you suffer, you are psychologically bad and do not know how to act with him. It can even have consequences on your health by a loss of appetite, a difficult sleep, depression …

Positive points?

You have no doubt recognized the person who is destroying you. We are sincerely sorry for you because unfortunately did not arrive on the site by chance, this person consumes you.

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