Here is a simple and nontoxic cancer treatment

Normal functioning of healthy cells is to burn glucose with oxygen. But cancer cells ferment glucose, which was the way of life primitive 3.5 billion years ago.

The advantage of fermentation is that it is possible without oxygen . The disadvantage is that the fermentation produces little energy, per unit of fuel consumed.

Cancer cells are therefore very greedy in glucose, which makes it possible to locate them. This is called the Warburg effect.

Starving cancer by depriving it of sugar

The Warburg effect is used to identify tumors, with the technology of “PET-scan”. The patient is injected with radioactive glucose and we observe the places where he will concentrate: this is where the cancer is.

Hence the idea of starving cancer by ceasing to eat sugar , or any product turning into sugar.

Dr. Laurent Schwartz recommends a “ketogenic” diet, that is to say consisting of fatty products and some proteins, but very little carbohydrate (sugars).

“The ketogenic diet proves to be a serious and encouraging therapeutic solution,” he says [1].

But that is not revolutionary. The big news is now …

Fight against the acidity caused by the tumor

Dr. Laurent Schwartz also observed that fermentation causes acidification of tissues around the tumor.

He explains that this acidification allows the cancer cells to better “lacerate” the surrounding tissues, to invade them.

On the other hand, to acidify the environment, the tumor must lose its acidity and become basic.

It is also the fact of being basic that allows the tumor cells (cancerous) to multiply so quickly.

This simple observation is at the origin of a simple idea too, but that could be the key to overcoming cancer: reduce the acidity around the tumor to block the proliferation of cancer cells .

And indeed, Dr. Schwartz reports that researchers have tried to reduce the acidity around tumors, and they found a regression of cancers .

It’s fantastic news. Because it happens that we have several well-known and inexpensive drugs to fight against acidity, simple drugs, cheap, not dangerous.

A team of Spanish researchers who worked on this subject reported several cases of unexpected remissions by giving cancer patients a cocktail of anti-acid drugs, very low in toxicity compared to “normal” chemotherapy.

Dr. Laurent Schwartz gives the dosage, which is the following (he did not test it himself but considers it a “logical and hopeful approach”):

  • Amiloride: 10 to 40 mg three times a day
  • A proton pump inhibitor, eg omeprazole: 20 to 40 mg daily
  • An inhibitor of the anhydrate carboxylase, for example acetalozamide (Diamox): 250 mg per day.

But after blocking the reproduction of cancer cells, can we make them healthy again and get rid of the disease?

Yes, says Dr. Schwartz.

Thanks to the following strategy …

Restart normal cell function (metabolism)

To treat cancer, Dr. Schwartz recommends a treatment that will restart normal glucose burning in cells , and stop the fermentation and acidification of tissues around the tumor.

For this, we must “restart” the mitochondria, the small plants to burn glucose that are in the cells.

This time, Dr. Laurent Schwartz himself selected the drugs that can do this, and he himself has seen remissions in many of his long-standing cancer patients.

In its protocol, the dosage is as follows:

  • Lipoic acid: 600 mg slow intravenous injection
  • Hydroxycitrate: 500 mg tablets, morning, noon and night.

Hydroxycitrate is available over the counter as a “dietary supplement”. Lipoic acid intravenously is a drug. It is sold in Germany and North America but not in France. But it has been prescribed to hundreds of thousands of patients without causing any problems.

These products are safe, and any doctor must be able to prescribe them to his patient.

“This treatment has no toxic side effect,” says Dr. Laurent Schwartz.

“Almost 2 ½ years later, of the first eleven patients, five are still alive. It’s an achievement considering everyone was sent home to die! [2]

Strengthen the effects with other drugs

Dr. Schwartz points out, however, that these two substances are not enough in themselves and are more effective if taken in combination with radiotherapy and chemotherapy.

He also reports that he has achieved even better results by combining high dose metformin (up to 3 g per day).

Metformin is the basic treatment for type 2 diabetes.

Your pharmacy sells it every day and any doctor can prescribe it.

Healing at your fingertips

The conclusion of Dr. Laurent Schwartz is that we are making a huge mistake by going to increasingly complicated and expensive cancer treatments (more than 100,000 euros per treatment cycle).

His decades of studies have convinced him that cancer is a simple disease .

These are the cells that work poorly, and there are simple and inexpensive measures, as well as common non-toxic drugs that can do a lot for the sick.

He therefore believes that “we can offer patients new therapeutic advances, the effectiveness of which could be greater than that of chemotherapy while resulting in fewer side effects. [3]

His lines of treatment are all the more interesting because he believes that they would also treat Alzheimer’s and Parkinson’s.

This is a possible medical revolution that is happening before our eyes.

What you can do

I am aware that even if you are currently being treated for cancer, this simple letter will not be enough to start an alternative treatment. It will also be completely insufficient to convince your oncologist (oncologist) and even your doctor treating the interest of these advances.

But do not despair.

Just wait a few days, if you can, that the book is out in bookstores.

You will have all the elements in hand. You can give it to your doctor if he has the slightest doubt about the truthfulness and the seriousness of these new cancer treatments which, I repeat, are simple, non-toxic and inexpensive.

Here is the cover of the book, so you do not waste time to find it:

In the meantime, I tell you again how much I sympathize with you if you are fighting a serious illness. Above all, do not give up, continue to treat yourself and stay alert about the progress of treatment.

We are in a period of great upheavals, in the wrong way sometimes (unfortunately!) But also, we must not forget, in a good way.

This book is perhaps a good example of the progress that sometimes occurs and can help millions of people.

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