Here is a list of the most fluoridated mineral waters

CORRECTION: I have taken this article which is wrong. We make a point of honor to rectify all information disseminated, as far as we are informed, it is what made the Doctor FR manager of the group Neptune which commercializes St.Yorre and Vichy Celestin, who told me send the following information:

Let me still give you an info, even if the Neptune group which markets St Yorre and Vichy Célestins is not a big group, I represent it here!

The contents of fluorine (and other components) are indicated on the label, and very controlled by the administration. They are 0.5mg for Vichy Célestins and <1,5mg for = “”>

Thank you for not disseminate these false figures, especially as in the field of food and consumption, it is not the subjects that lack, without the need to manufacture.

Fluoride is a major repressive intellectual function. Added to water and toothpaste, sodium fluoride (the word fluorine, which is simpler, is used in the rest of the text) is a common ingredient for poisons prepared for cockroaches and rats, psychiatric drugs , hypnotics and anesthetics and neurotoxic gases. It is one of the basic ingredients of Prozac and the neurotoxic gas Sarin, which was used in Japan in the subway attack.

Independent scientific evidence shows that fluoride causes various mental disorders and makes people stupid, docile and servile, in addition to reducing longevity and damaging bone structure. The first use of fluoride in drinking water dates from NAZI concentration camps, thanks to the I .G. Farben, notorious giant pharmaceutical company. She ran the camps like Auschwitz. It still exists, it is an integral part of the German company BAYER. Does anyone think the NAZIs did this because they felt concerned about the health of their prisoners’ teeth? This massive medication of fluoride water supplies was used to sterilize prisoners and stultify them to ensure their docility. Charles Perkins, a chemist, wrote to the Lee Nutritional Research Foundation, Milwaukee, Wisconsin, on October 2, 1954: “… In the 1930s, Hitler and the German NAZIs envisioned a world dominated and directed by the Nazi philosophy of Pan-Germanism. The NAZI chemists elaborated a far-reaching (and very ingenious) plan of mass control, a plan that was submitted and adopted by the German staff.

It consisted of taking control of the population of any region, through the massive medication of drinking water supplies. By this method, they could control the population of entire areas, reduce it by water medication – which would cause infertility of women – and so on. Fluoride was an important part of this mass control project. “. Charles Perkins says that repeated doses of fluorine, in infinitesimal quantities, reduce an individual’s ability to resist domination, by slowly poisoning, by narcotism, a specific part of his brain, thus subjecting him to the will of those who want to govern it. He says that fluoride is a “light and convenient lobotomy” and that the real reason behind water fluoridation has nothing to do with the dental health of children. If so, there are a number of other ways that are easier to implement, less expensive and far more effective, he says.

Most fluorinated mineral waters

The real goal behind the fluoridation of water was to reduce the resistance of the masses to domination, control and the loss of their freedom. Perkins says that when the NAZIs decided to go to Poland, the German staff and the Russian staff exchanged their scientific and military ideas, their plans, their personnel, and the mass control project with medical medication. water, which the Russian communists immediately adopted because it fitted perfectly with their plan to communicate the world. “The plan was explained to me in detail by a German chemist, one of the officials of the huge IG Farben chemical industry.

At the time, this man also had an important place in the NAZI movement. I say that with all the honesty and sincerity of a scientist who has spent nearly twenty years of his life doing research in chemistry, biochemistry, physiology and pathologies due to fluoride: A person who will drink during a year, or more, of the water to which fluorine has been added, will never be the same again, mentally or physically. “. This is the very reason why, since then, the “rulers” have continued to encourage the consumption of fluoride. Is there a better way to reduce the mental capacity of the population than by contaminating public drinking water supplies? When we drink something that contains “fluoridated” water, including beer and sodas (soft drinks), we are poisoned slowly, but surely. Fluoride is a by-product of the aluminum industry. The idea of ​​introducing fluoride into drinking water comes from the Mellon family in the United States, which runs the ALCOA aluminum cartel. The Mellon lineage is very important. They are close friends of the Royal Family of England and, through the network, they dictate US policy.

Fluoride does not protect teeth or bones. These are just pretexts. Fluoride serves to diminish the intellectual functions of the population, so that no one thinks, puts anything in question or rebels.

Fluorine concentrations of mineral waters

Origin: analyzes of the research and hydrology research laboratory of Afssa (situation in 2001)


With a glass of Vichy a day, we already exceed the allowable dose of fluoride (1 mg per day in adults). The waters are classified as the richest in fluorine, to consume with great moderation, towards the less rich, a priori without danger from the point of view of the fluorine.

It is preferable not to consume as water (1.5 liters per day) water with a fluorine content higher than 0.6 mg / l. The baby will not give water containing more than 0.2 mg / l, and 0.3 mg / l in children.

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