Here is a list of phones with the strongest radiation

1. Do not expose children and teenagers to telephone, electromagnetic and radio waves (wifi, microwaves etc.). They are much more sensitive than adults to the effects of waves. Worse still, do not expose the belly of a pregnant woman, we do not do you a drawing on the catastrophic consequences that it can generate. 2. Anyone with an implant in the body should avoid close contact with these waves. 3. Do not sleep with your phone turned on. If necessary, put it in another room with a stronger ring to hear it better. 4. Avoid putting your phone in the pocket, near the heart, genitals, ears, belly … in short everywhere. It is best to put it in a specific place for each place where one lives. 5. Turn off the wifi and bluetooth of your phone. 6. Cut the wifi at home and prefer an ethernet cable. If the wifi is necessary punctually, it is possible under Windows to get a software creating a wifi network from a computer connected in ethernet cable. On Mac, the feature exists by default in network preferences. 7. Limit the duration of calls, prefer handsfree or speakerphone mode. 8. Do not call by car or any other metal infrastructure. The “Faraday cage” effect traps and echoes the waves emitted by the mobile phone.

That’s enough to hold until science definitely proves the harmful effects of cell phone radiation.

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