Here is a list of foods that contain more iron than red meat

Headache, fatigue, increased sensitivity to infections .. These signs may indicate a lack of iron. To overcome this, some foods are recommended, such as red meat and offal. But to refuel, there are also plant alternatives much richer in iron.

Iron is one of the essential minerals for the proper functioning of our body. It has an essential role in the constitution of hemoglobin (a protein that carries oxygen in the body), myoglobin (a protein that provides dioxygen to the muscles), and in many enzymes essential to the proper functioning of the body. organization.

Iron deficiency can turn into anemia (low hemoglobin) with great fatigue and reduced resistance to infection. Pregnant women are most at risk because a lack of iron can lead to fetal growth retardation and other even more serious consequences.

You have iron deficiency, think of eating red meat”, many people have heard this advice.

However, meat is not automatically the best source of iron – here is the proof! Much research has shown that it is preferable to consume non-heme iron rather than heme iron because of the level of oxidants present in the sources of animal products.

Here is a list of 16 foods that contain more iron than red meat, for example, thyme, once dried, contains 123mg per 100gr).

By way of comparison, beef contains 2.6 mg of iron per 100 grams, and mutton meat of 1.6 mg.

This information is taken from the USDA database (United States Department of Agriculture). It should also be noted that the recommended daily intake of iron is 8mg for men aged 19 to 50 and 18mg for women of the same age.

List of foods that contain more iron than red meat:

Thyme: 30 mg per 100 g

This aromatic plant abounds with iron. In 100 g of thyme, 30 mg of iron is found. It relieves cough (to be consumed as herbal tea) and helps treat bronchitis.

The olives

3.3mg per 100g

The olive is often used for its fruity taste and its many virtues: lower blood pressure, prevention of heart disease, minimizing certain harmful effects of pollution, reducing the risk of cancer.

Cashew nuts: 6 mg per 100 g

Cashews are specifically recommended for refilling with 6 mg per 100 g.


3.3mg for 100g, once cooked.

Another source of vegetable protein: they are among the most digestible thanks to their fiber and iron content. Rich in anti-oxidants, they protect cells from damage caused by free radicals.

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